Earn Money from Revenue Sharing Forum

There are many forums that become adsense revenue sharing forums. You can “googling” and join to them. Here a few tips for earn money from revenue sharing forum:

Make sure you have enter your Google AdSense Client ID (It should be in the form of pub-xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx) in your profile.
Enter your Google AdSense Channel ID. It would be a good idea to have a unique channel ID for this forum (then you can track stats specifically for the forum).
Create a good new …

Site Diagnostics Feature from Adsense

There has been a new feature addition called “site diagnostic” in Adsense. Here is more infomation for you:
—-(From Google)—-
What is the site diagnostic feature?
The Site Diagnostics page within your account provides details about whether our crawler was able to access your site in order to provide relevant ads. Our crawler sometimes encounters errors when attempting to crawl a page to determine its content. Using the site diagnostic section of your account, you can review the errors our …