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WWF Smackdown di Indonesia

WWF Smackdown adalah sebuah tayangan gulat bebas yang ditayangkan oleh salah satu stasiun televisi swasta di Indonesia. Tayangan ini menjadi sorotan tajam lantaran telah memakan korban, bahkan ada yang sampai

Upgrade Old Blogger to New Blogger

Blogger Buzz said new users would no more be able sign up with old blogger service. All new accounts are being created on the new version of Blogger in beta.

Totally Turning Ubuntu into Kubuntu

Kubuntu Desktop There are several distributed versions of Ubuntu. These include Edubuntu and Kubuntu, both of which are Ubuntu but with a different default environment. Kubuntu is Ubuntu with, however,

Monetizing your WordPress

Monetizing your WordPress You may want to make a few bucks (or more) from your WordPress to help pay for hosting charges and other costs associated with running it. Some

Installing Movable Type on Debian Server

Movable Type Movable Type is a widely-used proprietary weblog publishing system developed by California-based Six Apart. Movable Type also supports most popular weblogging features, including user accounts, comments, categories, and

Via Talk VoIP

Via Talk (VT) is a internet phone service to both residential and business owners. They are a division of a privately owned, multi-million dollar corporation. Via Talk’s services are included

Advantage Processors

Advantage Processors is one of the many firms eager to process credit-card payments for traditional or online merchants. Advantage Processors provide low-cost online internet credit card processing services. They provide

Withdraw Paypal In Indonesia

Updates You can download my ebook “Withdraw PayPal Indonesia” for FREE. Please view my post: E-book Withdraw PayPal Indonesia for the detail. Have a great day! Withdraw PayPal is taking

Gmail Notifier for Ubuntu Edgy Eft

Gmail Notifier Gmail Notifier is a nice little tool to allow you to receive gmail notifications. This tutorial is how to install CheckGmail as Gmail Notifier into your Ubuntu Edgy

Home Sweat Home

Ini adalah cerita tentang pengalaman penulis saat liburan lebaran kemaren. Walaupun udah rada kelamaan tapi pengin cerita wae. Walaupun penulis tidak merayakan lebaran secara khusus, tapi penulis tetap ikutan tradisi