Monthly Archive:: December 2006

LAMP Installation On Ubuntu

The acronym LAMP refers to a set of free software programs commonly used together to run dynamic Web sites or servers Linux, the operating system; Apache, the Web server; MySQL,

Anything Hollywood

AnythingHollywood is a celebrity gossip rag giving you all the uncensored news, rumors, gossips of Hollywood. The site focuses mainly on good looking and obnoxious celebrities with exceptions of earth

Pixel Art Web 2.0

  Web 2.0 done in some pretty cool pixel art. How many Web2.0 startups can you pick out? Image courtesy of

Central Desktop – A Unified Collaboration Platform

Central Desktop is a web-based collaboration tool for business teams to manage projects, share information and communicate with others. This platform enables teams to efficiently share information and communicate with

Agloco – Get Paid to Surf The Web

AGLOCO, which stands for A Global Community, will pay You to surf the web. In another word, You can earn money from Agloco when you surf the web. AGLOCO looks

PayDotCom is a new online marketplace and will catalog thousands of products and services, both physical products and digital products. PayDotCom is a place for you to sell your products,

Private Label Articles

Resale rights works in such a way that when an owner of an article sells one the authority to sell that article to others then keep the profits. Private label

Direct Mail Marketing

Direct Marketing is a form of marketing that attempts to send its messages directly to consumers, using “addressable” media such as mail and email. Therefore, direct marketing differs from regular