Monthly Archive:: February 2007

Take a Step

Jill is a coach to teens beginning the college search and selection process, helping them get clear on who they are and what they want (and need) in a college

Zookoda – Email for your Blog

It’s important that bloggers offer an email option for readers – some people like to receive content this way. Zookoda is a web-based email marketing application designed specifically for blog

Full RSS Feeds on my blog

I switched my blog’s RSS feeds from partial feeds to full text feeds. Past I used partial text feed for several reasons. First, since RSS Subscribers get to read the

VR Hosted Becomes Net Actuate

VR Hosted has changed it’s name to Net Actuate. When they were still VR Hosted, they received a very good review from and had an uptime of 99.7%! They’re

Accent Card Visa is Alive

According to my previous post about accent card, my old accent card no longer available anymore. I have to request a new card from Accent card, Accent Card VISA. Finally, – Social Gaming Platform has a new social gaming site that allows people to come to the site and play a number of different games. It has two very interesting advantages, one of

Earn Big Money from Blogging

PayPerPost has been one of the most controversial startups in the past couple of years, with critics proclaiming that they are polluting the blogosphere, and giving the whole internet a

LoudLaunch – Get Paid to Blog

LoudLaunch is yet another service that is aiming to connect bloggers with advertisers. LoudLaunch allows bloggers to earn money by reviewing and writing about advertisers? press releases. LoudLaunch is currently

Giveaway of the Day

I just found a nice site that every day they offer for FREE licensed software I’d have to buy otherwise! All these giveaway softwares are not trial downloads but totally