Free Fonts From UrbanFont

If you’re looking for a few new fonts to spice up your presentation or document, head over to UrbanFonts, a site with pay-for and freebie fonts.
The UrbanFonts website proves to be one of the most friendly font-browsing websites. You can, of course, browse by font name but unless you know the exact name of the font you’re looking for, it won’t be much help. This makes it much easier to get to what you’re looking for.
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I have got mail from Adsense

I have logged in to my account today, I have noticed the new “Recent messages” section in my AdSense account.
Adsense let me know that this is my personal inbox where Adsense will send me customized optimization tips. More specifically, their system will automatically analyze my account and ad settings. Based on these findings, I will receive a notification each month in my AdSense account if there are changes I can make to improve my overall AdSense performance.

There is no guarantee …