Monthly Archive:: June 2007


I made custom themes and added shadow on this theme.

Apple Safari Web Browser for Windows

Apple has introduced a beta version of its Safari Internet browser especially for Windows operating system. This announcement was made by Apple’s chief executive Steve Jobs on Monday, and could

Courage Cafe

Courage Cafe is The Meeting Place For Business Owners Who Want More Money and Meaning In Their Business! I made this theme from her layout and add flash on blog’s

Installing Movable Type on Dreamhost

Movable Type is a popular Perl-based content management system for Weblogs. Recent versions of the software have included support for PHP-based dynamic pages. DreamHost users may want to use MySQL

Likno Web Button Maker

If you’re a web designer you know by now the complexities that you can run into for making a good menu navigation that actually works across a multitude of browsers

Movable Type Goes Open Source

SixApart have released a new beta version of popular blogging content management system, Movable Type 4.0. Moveable Type 4.0 is the first major release of Movable Type since MT 3.0

AGLOCO Viewbar is ready to download

Today, I get email from Agloco to report that my AGLOCO Viewbar has been released and is ready for me to download now. Sound great! Finally, AGLOCO Viewbar ready to