5 reasons why you need a live chat agent for your website

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A live chat agent is someone who is available on your website to speak to visitors instantly via an instant message interface. A live chat agent could be you or someone who works for your business (you would need to set up live chat software) or a freelancer who you outsource the task to. This articles discusses 5 reasons why you should have a live chat agent on your website.

Time is critical

More often than not if you’re interested in buying a product or service you will need to ask a question before making the purchase. In brick and mortar stores, retails advisers are common place. You can find these advisors hovering around the store answering questions from customers who require some sort of confirmation on something before completing a purchase.

Online customers are no different from those offline. Despite the fact your website is likely to contain a thoroughly well thought out FAQ (Frequently asked questions) section, it is realistically impossible to cover bases for every possible permutation of question that your customer could ask about the products or services that you supply. Online businesses regularly lose customers because their website doesn’t answer all of the questions that potential buyers have.

A live chat agent enables you to communicate with your customers instantly. By having a live chat agent present on your site, you will be able to answer any queries straight away. No most lost business because your customer has a question to ask that isn’t answered in your FAQ. Without live support your customer may move onto the next website and purchase from them.


If a customer poses a question to you via e-mail there will always be a certain amount of waiting time between correspondence. If one question sparks another, which is very feasible, then the smallest of conversations can easily spread into hours rather than minutes. A live chat agent will enable simple questions to be answered instantly rather than protracting over hours in e-mails. Generally responding to a live query is far more convenient than opening and closing emails.

The customer experience

Having a live chat agent on your website provides your customer with a far superior customer experience. Live chat agents will often greet the customer on arrival to your website and ask them if they require any assistance. Even if the customers isn’t interested, just the presence of a live chat agent makes your business appear more professional and legitimate.

Enables you support team to focus on more tasks

Live chat support is less time consuming than providing e-mail support. By using a live chat agent you free up time that is usually taken responding to customer e-mails to focus on other tasks such as growing your business.

You can push customers into purchasing the items that you want them to buy

Imagine the extra income you could make if you had a sales person available to talk to every visitor of your website. A live chat agent makes this a possibility. A good sales person can persuade a customer to make a certain concious decision about their purchase, therefore ensuring your customers are exposed to the products that you want to sell them.

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