Hello everyone,

My name is Supriyadi Slamet Widodo, but just call me supri. I was born in Klaten City and now I live on Malang, Indonesia. Now, I am a full-time freelancer Web Developer and Internet Marketer.

I love what I do. I am so excited to learn about new technologies and Internet as well. When I am not working, I put time into developing tools and themes for the community.

I have contributed to community with my several projects, eg. Gaim NuoveXT Icon Theme, AdSense Beautifier, Krakal WordPress Theme, AdSense Click Tracker Plugin for WordPress, Hot Dates Plugin for WordPress, Statcounter Plugin for WordPress Admin, Statcounter Module for Drupal, Gaim Guifications OSX Theme, and many more.

I’ve been blogging for several months and I have experience with various blogging softwares. Some of the software I’ve used include Drupal, Blogger, Movable Type, and WordPress.

supriyadisw dot net

This blog named supriyadisw dot net. It is the place where I write about technology tips and tricks, sharing knowledge about computers, operationsystems and more.

supriyadisw dot com

I introduce my new blog named supriyadisw dot com. I wanna to give a try Movable Type beside my belove blog platform, WordPress. Hopefully I can contribute “something” to a new community, for me, Movable Type community.

Feel free to add your comments in this site or my blog. Any comments will be very much appreciated. I hope you enjoy it.

😀 Thanks a bunch and gud lak!

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