Accent Card Visa is Alive

According to my previous post about accent card, my old accent card no longer available anymore. I have to request a new card from Accent card, Accent Card VISA.

Finally, this morning I got a new accent card visa to replace my old accent card. I’m so exciting 🙂

When you receive your bank account information (come with your new accent card visa), your bank account first needs to be activated. You can not log into your online banking until the account is active.

How to use your new card? You need to activate your new Bank account first then activate your VISA card.

Here is the sequence to activate your new BANK account, especially for withdraw PayPal:

  • Bank account will be activated as soon as it receives the first transfer (any amount, even Micro Deposit). Note: Paypal will make two Micro deposits when you add this new BANK account into your Paypal account. You can ask accent card visa, by email support[at]accentcardvisa[dot]com, to to obtain the bank information. As we know, we need Bank name, account type, ABA number, and account number. Tips from me: Don’t forget to add your name and card number in the first line of your email 😉
  • As soon as the first deposit is received, the bank account is live and can be accessed via online banking. You can login into after 2-3 days from you add your bank information into your Paypal. The first transfer from Paypal will arrive at least 2-3 days. If you log in to the online banking and see and error message, stop. Do not keep trying! This means the deposit has not yet credited to your account. Repeated attempts will lock you out.
  • After Paypal have made two deposits, go to, enter Access ID: your bank account number and password. The default password is Accent1$.
  • You will be prompted to change your password.
  • Please do not attempt multiple logins – you will lock yourself out of your account.

Here is the sequence to activate your accent card VISA:

  • In the USA, you can call an 800 number that is on the decal on your card.
  • Outside of the USA, use the card at an ATM ? put the card in the ATM and enter your PIN, select Balance Inquiry.Your card is now active
  • To withdraw from an ATM, select CHECKING.

My old Accent card and my new Accent card VISA

Accent Card Accent Card Visa

That’s it. Have a great day!

  • Mas Pri,

    Why I cant find Indonesia for Personal Info Country in the selection box for registration? Will the card sent to that information?

    Thank You,

  • Hi Tigasan,

    Thanks for coming. Yes, the card will send to the address information on that form. You can contact their support to opening your new accent card visa account. Hopefully, we could find Indonesia in their country list soon 🙂

    Have a great day and gud lak!

  • tigasan

    Well, well, …
    No free lunch, right?

    Buy, the eBook (on another post), and you will know the way.

    Thank You.

  • Abiodun Salako

    Can one send ACH transfers and wire out money from the bank account attached to the accent card to other US or non-US accounts respectively?

  • A great news! Is it correct, Mr Supriyadi is the legal contact of AccentCardVisa? I will apply ASAP

  • Hello srijaya,

    Yes you right. I am the legal accentcardvisa agent for Indonesia. You can order accentcardvisa directly from Indonesia and transfer your money via BCA.

    Place your order here:

  • Great job, Supriyadi. Guys, the only thing you need to do: buy his service ASAP!

  • antonio

    I just wanted to know the experience from those who got the accentcard visa to withdraw funds from paypal. I’ve been reading in some -just some, it’s unclear- that paypal has been locking some accounts because of accentcard/tomatobank (right or wrong ?).
    For those who have this tomatobank account : is it in your name (seems important that there is the same name in tomatobank and paypal) ? is it really a savings one (or a direct deposit) ?
    Any feedback will be greatly appreciated, thanks

  • Hello,

    As I know, none from my friends that use accentcardvisa has been blocked by Paypal. Paypal may block someone if s/he do something that violates break Paypal’s terms.

    The accounts are in the persons name, checking account.

    Have a great day!

  • tons_asp

    mas Pri,
    Saya sudah cek alamat ini:
    Tapi untuk proses verifikasi ada 3 dokumen yang harus saya siapkan: “You will be asked to provide three documents – a valid government issued ID with address, a valid government issued photo ID, as well as a current fixed utility statement in your name with a matching address to this application.” Yang ke 2 dan 3 kurang ngerti, bisa tolong bantu jelasin.

  • mufida

    saya tertarik dengan Accent Visa Card ini. Ada 2 pertanyaan:
    1. Apa kelebihan dan kekurangan Accent Visa Card dibandingkan dengan E-trade?
    2. Untuk masalah paspor, apa harus yang berfoto? Karena paspor sekarang itu dihadirkan tanpa foto. Bagaimana ini?


  • KArl

    hi, im really interested to apply for accent card but if ever im approved for the account can i use western union to pay for it instead of bank wire transfer?, i lived here in philippines.

  • mas spriyadi jadi agent untuk wilayah indonesia yah ?

    Supriyadi Slamet Widodo

  • KArl: If you really need it you can apply via Indonesia using my link I will help you to open Accent Banking 🙂

    Aris purbo: Ya, saya agent untuk Indonesia. Untuk support bisa dilihat di Thanks

  • Karl


    I went to the site and i cant find the Philippines in the country list, I hope theres a way for me to get an accentcard.. please let me know if there is a way..

  • Karl, unfortunately accent banking do not accept Philippines. Perhaps you can contact Accent Banking directly at . Good luck Karl. Thanks

  • edo

    saya telat ya.
    yang pertama SIM juga bisa asal ada address. yang kedua KTP ada foto n address, yang ketiga bisa copy rekening listrik atau air (utility)

  • acha

    mas saya mau apply bwt accent card, tp juga ada bbrp hal yg mau saya tnyakan sih.
    kyk payment options, bs lewat paypal g? sy udh ada paypal (cm mslh di withdraw aja) jd gmpgan lwat paypal. scara sy jg lg di LN.
    Trz bs g dipake bwt paypal kl namanya g sama? Wkt bqn paypal sy pake nama keluarga,sdgkan bwt bank kan sesuai ID.
    tolong bls ke email sy ya mas. Tq

  • Edbert Sangkurdi sekarang malah udah tidak ada. Emang masih bisa? Saya perlu US account jg. Mohon info nya mas, matur nuwun