Adjust Thumbnail Size in WordPress 2.5

Here is a simple guide how to change the default size of the thumbnails that WordPress 2.5 creates when you upload an image.

Unlike all previous version, WordPress 2.5 has a very handy new feature. It lets you specify custom thumbnail size for your uploaded images.

To adjust the thumbnail size to your liking, go to Settings > Miscellaneous and change the thumbnail width and height under Image sizes section. Let’s set the width and height to 100×100 for this example.

Also, make sure the Crop to size option is selected, and confirm the changes.

(With Crop to size checked, you don’t have to worry about what size your original image is. It will be adjusted to fit your specified size)

That’s an easy way, right? Gud lak!

  • Thanks! I needed this info and it was right on time.

  • i wondering if i upload images into my blogspot blog and use the generated image code into my personal blog ( whould be the image that i upload on blogspot still exists even if i abort to save my post on blogspot.
    so i just need to limit using space on my own hosting.

  • Thnx for the tip, was looking for that option and couldn’t find it 🙂

  • FYI: This option is now in “Settings”–>”Media”