There have been 3rd party javascripts that track adsense clicks out.

I just found some articles about it.

These following articles are about using Google Analytics to track adsense clicks.

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  • Track Google AdSense Clicks via Google Analytics – Free AdSense Tracker
  • Forums Digital Point

Google Analytics basics

This tracking is done through “Goals”. A goal is a way of tracking when a website visitor does something you want – Buy an item, submit a contact form, or in our case click an adsense ad.

Tracking script simulates virtual directory hierarchy to Google Analytics so you can use it’s reporting capabilities effectively. This hierarchy always starts with /asclick directory, is then followed by Ad group type or custom type(channel) name and the final thierd level of this hierarchy is AsSense Ad URL address or AdLinks Keyword (only available on IE). So simple AdSense click hit would be /asclick/NavigBanner/ for NavigBanner Ad type and DirectRelief Ad.

How does it work?

Small javascript file is added to your web page and that’s it. This script listens for ad clicks and reports them to Google Analytics (analytics code has to be already installed in the web pages). Google Analytics interface is than used to interpret tracking results.

Compliance with Google AdSense TOS

The question ? as always with all things AdSense ? is, does it play nice with Google?s TOS?

This tracking script uses passive click monitoring and in no way alters code generated by Google AdSense. It does not interfere with Ad clicks directly, but simply listens for browser mouse and keyboard events and reports through Google Analytics tracking engine. I have reviewed AdSense TOS and did not find any issue what so ever. But if you want to be sure, go ask Google AdSense support for permittion first. Just don’t expect simple Yes/No answer from them

Tracking Accurancy

The passive listening method used by this tracking script does not allow for 100% accurate click reporting. When compared to AdSense, my results are usually about 10-15% lower in Google Analytics goals. The limitations i know about are already mentioned in some of previous paragraphs. I would be really interested in how this script performs for you (especialy for higher traffic volumes).

Google Analytics integration

Integration with Google Analytics is achieved by manually calling urchingTracker when user clicks on AdSense Ad. Tracking script simulates virtual directory hierarchy to Google Analytics so you can use it’s reporting capabilities effectively. This hierarchy always starts with /asclick directory (unless you modified this value), is followed by Ad group type or custom type(channel) name. The final thierd level of this hierarchy is AsSense ad URL address or AdLinks Keyword (note that this is not available for clicks from Firefox browser).

The example tracked URL will look like:
or /asclick/NavigBanner/ (if you use custom adgroup names).

Setup procedure

If you use this method, the setup procedure constists of two parts. First you have to setup your web page to track AdSense clicks and report them to Google Analytics. Second part is about tweaking Google Analytics settings a bit to ease interpreting click retults.

And please be prepared to wait at least 24 hours before some AdSense tracking hits appear in your Google Analytics interface.

Web Page

  1. Download file containing all required files.
  2. Unzip and upload tracking javascript astracker.js somewhere to the web ideally directly to your web server.
  3. Add reference to this javascript to your web page directly below Google Analytics code (see the following example).
          <script src=""
          <script type="text/javascript">
              _uacct = "UA-xxxxxx-y";
          </script src="/javascript/astracker.js"
  4. Optionally tweak the page to support custom channel reporting – see Advanced Settings for further info.

Google Analytics
Create a goal: To create a goal you assign it a URL. This url doesn’t have to exist, as the javascript will trigger it.
In the Goal URL field, enter “/asclick” and “Adsense Clicks” for the goal name.

Image Hosted by

I’m sorry if you see a lot of blockquote, because I rewrite it from references above. So… what is the point? Just copy & paste? :-/

Ok, I got idea from articles above. We have to add the code manually to our web pages. So far I didn’y find WordPress Plugin about it.

Create WordPress plugin to tracking adsense click with Google Analytics

Basic Idea

  • Add Tracker script “automatically” to WordPress. Actually I didn’t change anything inside this script, just rename it adtracker.js to adsenseClicksTracker.js. We can create WP plugin to do this.
  • There is Google Analytics Plugin for WordPress exist. This plugin makes it simple to add Google Analytics to our WordPress.

Make integration between adtracker.js and Google Analytics Plugin

So I create WordPress plugin named “Adsense Clicks Tracker”. This plugin makes it simple to tracking Google Adsense Clicks with Google Analytics. This plugin add adsenseClicksTracker.js to WordPress.


  1. Download the plugin and unzip it to your PC
  2. Upload the folder “adsenseClicksTracker” and all of its contents into your wp-content/plugins/ directory.
  3. Activate the plugin in your WordPress site Admin
  4. Enter your Google Analytics User Account string (it?ll be something like UA-12345-6. It appears when you “Add a channel”)
  5. You can use any kind of Google Analytics plugin or insert it manually 😉
  6. Your done! Enjoy


You still have to create a goal at your Google Analytics.

Testing it

DON’T! There is no way to test that this works as it tracks adsense clicks, and you can’t click your own adsense. Just wait for a while and view your Google Analytic report.


This plugin still pending because I’m waiting for permission from Rich Boakes,, and ask Google Adsense about it. Just for make sure :)


  • Permission from Rich Boakes
  • Permission from

    supriyadisw: Hi, the script is absolutely free so you can use it, change it, update it and of course distribute it with your wordpress plugin.

    Just post here link to your plugin, so everyone is able to find it easily :)

  • Permission from Google Team

    Wed, 12 Jul 2006 14:08:20 -0700
    With regards to the click tracking software you’ve mentioned, we do not
    endorse or encourage the use of any particular click tracking tools. We
    recommend that you exercise caution when using third-party software to
    ensure that you do not violate the AdSense Terms and Conditions nor
    inadvertently disclose sensitive information about yourself or your
    through the use of such software.

    In addition, it is solely your responsibility to verify that any tools
    software used in conjunction with AdSense do not violate the AdSense
    and Conditions and program policies.

    Thank you for your cooperation.

  • While I’m waiting for some permissions, I install it to my blog 😉

Change Log

  • 07/14/2006: Initial public release without integration with any kind of Google Analytics plugin.

For tracking adsense with Google Analytics, you can visit references above.

Have a nice day…

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