Adsense for Indonesian Publisher

A great news for Indonesian publisher from Adsense.

Google Adsense announced Google AdSense supporting Bahasa Indonesia now. This is a great news for us, Indonesia blogger. Even AdSense is not specific to blog, it has hot market on blog’s pages.

We’re happy to welcome Indonesian into the AdSense for search family. If you manage a site in Indonesian, you can now begin generating AdSense revenue by displaying search boxes on your pages.

This is a good started for us, as Indonesian publisher, to join with Adsense with our mother language, Bahasa Indonesia.

Here is some opportunity to generate revenue from Google Adsense with your Bahasa Indonesia pages:

  • Displaying Adsense referrals on your pages, or
  • Displaying search boxes on your pages.

Hopefully, Adsense will support Bahasa Indonesia for context 😉

Happy blogging and have a great day!

  • waa bagus lah :), meski baru search sama referral 🙂

  • This is great, I cannot wait my check coming…

  • help to inform the way of list of google adsence. I multiply times rill enlist always refusing
    thank you.

  • Baik blog. Anda dipersilahkan bersambungan dengan pengunjung Indonesia saya.

  • Ah yang bener adsense suport bahasa indonesia?
    Kemarin saya baca di TOSnya ga tuh..

  • kayaknya udah gak berlaku lagi ya

  • kapan yah bisa adsense for content, dah gatel nih, hehe

  • bagus sekali