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Adsense Placement Targeting

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Today, Adsense announced about two recent changes to their site targeting feature, Say hello to placement targeting.

What is site targeting feature? Site targeting allows advertisers to select specific publisher sites on which to run their ads.

Advertisers can target your site if they have determined a match between their offerings and the interests of visitors to your site.

The first change is that they have renamed ‘site targeting’ to ‘placement targeting’ to better reflect the variety of targeting options they offer.

Advertisers can still target their ads to an entire site, but they can now also target your individual ad units or groups of pages based on how you have set up ad placements using custom channels.

The second change is that advertisers can bid on placement-targeted ads (formerly known as site-targeted ads) on a cost-per-click (CPC) basis.

Previously, advertisers could only bid on these targeted ads on a cost-per-impression (CPM) basis. Just as with contextually targeted CPC ads, you willl generate earnings for valid clicks on placement-targeted CPC ads.

Here are some tips to maximize your revenue potential with placement targeting:

  • Turn your custom channels into ad placements. These ad placements will allow you to highlight specific sections of your site that may appeal to advertisers.
  • Enable text and image ads for your ad units. By opting in to different ad types on your site, you’ll increase the competition in the ad auction, which can lead to additional revenue for your account over time.
  • Use the 300×250 Medium Rectangle. This ad format is one of our best-performing ad units, and many advertisers use it when creating rich media (image and video) campaigns. Again, you’ll benefit from the increased competition for your ad space.

Just two my cents

Currently, my adsense unit totally different from Adsense tips above.

  • I still use custom channels not ad placements. I think I’m not alone, coz this is a new feature from Adsense LOL
  • I choose only text ads for all my ad units. Hmm…
  • I love to use Large Rectangle ads unit (338×280) 😉

Hmmm… What do you think? Let’s give a try… 😀


  1. The AdSense Wizard: Agree… 🙂

    xpander: Mau pasang di mana? Sebenrnya gak ada yang berubah dengan adsense codenya. Jadi pemasangannya sama aja dengan adsense code tanpa beautifier. Boleh tahu di mana mau pasangnya? Siapa tahu bisa tahu masalah yang sebenernya 😉 Thanks

  2. Saya punya website pake wordpress jg, mau pasang adsense di halaman posting sebelah kiri dan bagian kanan atas persis sama dg website mas Supriyadi? Bantuin dong mas, thannks.

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