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AdSense Western Union Launched in Panama

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A few weeks ago, Google Adsense announced that Western Union expanded to additional countries.

Today, they announced that Western Union is now offered as a payment method for publishers located in Panama.

To sign up for payments by Western Union, sign in to your account and follow these instructions. Please also keep in mind that they’re only able to make Western Union payments to individual payee names, but not to businesses.

If you are disappointed again (not living in supported country list), according to Google AdSense blog, they are working hard to find more convenient ways to send you your earning. You are asked to leave feedback on the AdSense blog.

Not located in Panama? We’ve been reading your comments on our other recent payment-related posts, and understand that many of you are looking forward to new payment options in additional countries. Please know that we aren’t able to provide details about when new options may become available, as setting them up can take time due to factors like compliance with local laws and tax regulations. However, we’re working hard to find more convenient ways to send you your earnings, and we’ll definitely announce any new options here. In the meantime, please feel free to keep leaving your feedback, and we appreciate your patience!

OK! So I should be patience for Adsense Western Union available in Indonesia, right? Have a great day!

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