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AIMpromote CRM Software

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In today’s information driven and competitive world, businesses need a solid understanding of their customers to keep up with its competitors.

Interacting and Reacting to your customer’s needs and new marketing opportunities are necessities in order for you to stay in business and be successful.

And the only way to make it possible is by the use of CRM software.

Customer relationship management software is essential to any growing business that has customers. That includes basically any business, small or large, either currently running sales or marketing departments or does their own sales and marketing such as a small business.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is a broad term that covers concepts used by companies to manage their relationships with customers, including the capture, storage and analysis of customer, vendor, partner, and internal process information. [via wikipedia:crm]

AIMpromote is a leading provider for automation tools as well as offering marketing integration tools for businesses. Their unique line of marketing automation, lead management and customer relationship management (CRM) features will give your business a great competitive advantage, and will also allow you to focus more on trying to make sales and less time trying to figure out how to use management software.

AIMpromote’s crm software currently features:

  • Lead Management Features
  • Reporting
  • Sales Force Automation
  • User Management and Authentication
  • Support and Consultation
  • Website Integration and Internet Marketing

With all those aforementioned features, AIMpromote makes a crm software not as just an option, but a necessary and integral part of any modern business that sees to maximize revenue and continue growing as a business.


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