Apple Safari Web Browser for Windows

Apple has introduced a beta version of its Safari Internet browser especially for Windows operating system.

This announcement was made by Apple’s chief executive Steve Jobs on Monday, and could possibly be Apple’s take on Microsoft’s Internet Explorer and Mozilla’s FireFox Web browsers.

Steve Jobs, CEO of Apple, said Apple “dream big” and wanted to expand the 4.9% market share Safari enjoys.

He said Safari was “the fastest browser on Windows”, saying it was twice as fast as Internet Explorer.

Microsoft’s Internet Explorer has a 78% share, while Firefox has rapidly climbed to gain around 15% of the market, claimed Steve Jobs. He also mentioned that just like other Web browsers, Safari would be available at no charge at all.

Safari for Windows

Just Two My Cents

Recently, I’m Firefox user. I use this web browser both for my Windows and Ubuntu. But I was so curious for the Safari Web browser. Unfortunately, I can not try this browser because I do not have Mac (yet) 😉 Luckily, I can try this browser now.

Have a great day and gud lak!

  • ow i havent, i feel comfortable with my firefox 🙂

  • i do install it and try this safari but i still like firefox with all of the add ons. Firefox its great.

  • This adds up to designers toolkit for cross broswer testing.
    I recently migrated to Ubuntu and have figured a way to run IE on ubuntu using WINE. is there a way I could run Safari on Ubuntu?

  • ashutosh

    what’s good in this browser

  • apple net explore is very good broswer .

  • i aggree. i love it