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in Fun/Review by has a new social gaming site that allows people to come to the site and play a number of different games. It has two very interesting advantages, one of which is extremely unique.

First, It allows players to play together at the same time. When you play any of the games you will often play them side by side with several other players. You can chat and message back and forth with other players as you play the game of your choice.

cafe.comSecond, the unique aspect is that you can help the other players. Imagine going to Las Vegas and sitting down to play cards against the house. Half way through a hand another player turns to you and says, “Hey buddy, would it help if I gave you an Ace of Spades?” You reply,”sure and he gives you a card, and you win the hand.” A couple hands later you see his hand and notice that he would have a straight flush if he had a 2 of hearts and you have a 2 of hearts, so you offer and give him a 2 of hearts and he beats the house. is the place to congregate on the Internet. Meet people, chat and play exciting games for free with friends and fellow gamers.

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