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WordPress 3.3 was released

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For all our WordPress users, please remember to update to WordPress 3.3. Just a few moments ago, WordPress 3.3 was released. The version is named “Sonny” in honor of the great jazz saxophonist Sonny Stitt.

So lets jump in and check out some of the new features that are coming in WordPress 3.3!

Flyout Menus

It used to be that flyout menus would only appear when the menu was collapsed, but this has been changed in the new release. Now you get flyouts even in the full menu which is sure to save you an extra mouse click.

Admin Bar Revamped

The new admin bar is also much more responsive and easier to use. It features dropdown menus that respond onhover, once again saving valuable clicks. The menu has also been rearranged making it a lot easier to find what you are looking for. Several things have been added as well, the most obvious of which is the WordPress icon on the left side of the bar. This icon drops down a menu with many useful links including the Codex and Support Forums.

More Efficient Media Uploader

One of the coolest features that is coming in WordPress 3.3 is the new drag and drop media uploader. The WordPress team has made it incredibly easy to drag files from your desktop and just drop them in the installer. Not only this but they also took all the “add media” buttons and combined them into one to make the interface a lot more simple and clean. The new uploader also has support for HTML5 and Silverlight.

New Feature Tooltips aka Pointers

Whenever there is a new feature added in WordPress 3.3 tooltips will notify users of the addition. This should be a welcome addition especially for those of you whose clients are not very WordPress inclined.

It should be a quick 1-click process in your dashboard, and nobody have an excuse not to do so. And if you are currently using any version before 3.2.1, you better run!

Web Hosting Ratings – Find the best website hosting plans and web hosts

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For the selection of perfect Domain for your personal or business use Web hosting ratings is your complete guide. If offers you to select from the list of best web hosts. The quick start guide is the best tool for the new comers in this field.

First of all you must decide whether you need a paid web host or the free web host. The paid web host provides much more features than the free web host. The next step is to choose an operating system on the basis of which you will host your website. It doesn’t mean that if you are using windows XP at home network and the server is Linux based than it will create a problem.

The most important part is the check the ratings of that web host provider. This rating decides the popularity of that web host and also the features provided by the same. More are the ratings of the web host more will it be beneficial to you.

The web hosts are rated on the basis of certain terms such as the features provided by them, disk space provided by them, the operating system which they offers for hosting our site, how much data transfer they allow per month and what are their charges. All this factors are to be kept in mind before choosing any web host.

The web hosting rating is a very sophisticated rating system which helps you to choose the best of the best web host provider by viewing the reviews of other hosting companies. Some of the five star rated web host providers are InMotion, Sitevalley LLC, Host – ed Inc, WebHostingBuzz, Arvixe, Nodegrid, NQhost, AwardSpace and HostGator. These companies provide wide range of host plans that are compatible with Linux as well as NT operating systems. One must surely check the ratings of the web host they are selecting for hosting their website.

Earth Hour – A green Initiative

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For increasing the awareness about the conservation of energy and global warming a green initiative has been kept forward all over the world known as Earth Hour. From the last few years every individual cities in every nation have decided a power saving hour during which they shut off all the unnecessary lights and equipment.

In 2007 Sydney of Australia was the first to start the Earth Hour by switching off the lights for one hour. Nearly 2.2 million peoples and about 2000 businesses took part in the Earth Hour. It took just a Year to spread the Earth hour globally with the participation of 50 million peoples from across 35 countries. In this hour the whole Earth stood in complete darkness.

The third Earth hour was conducted in March 2009 when 4000 cities of over 88 countries took part in it for giving a pledge in the support of their planet Earth. This was considered as the world’s biggest climate change initiative. The biggest Earth hour ever in the history was on Saturday 27 March, 2010 when 128 countries took part for the welfare of their planet. All the buildings starting from Asia Pacific to Europe as well as from Africa to America stood in complete darkness giving a standing ovation to the Earth hour.In 2011 the Earth hour was held on Saturday 26 March at night 8.30 pm.

This Earth hour is organized every year by WWF. It is one of the world’s biggest organizations which have spread its network around more than 100 countries and territories with more than 5 million supporters from all over the globe. The only goal of this organization is to develop a peaceful place to live in harmony for the people by putting an end to the degradation of Earth’s natural environment.

Fax Online- How it Works

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It is true that emailing has now become one of the most popular modes of communication, but in most business environments, you still need to use the fax. Luckily, you can now opt for online faxing to make things easier for you.
The concept of faxing online is gaining popularity all around the world. People are readily making the transition to fax online as an alternative to the conventional method. There are many good reasons that would make you want to make this transition as well. However, for that it is important to understand just how it works.

What You Need To Know

The fact of the matter is that the old school fax machines are soon to become obsolete with the opportunities that the internet has to offer. When it comes to sending fax online all you have to know is that you will be using your computer system and the internet to send your faxes. In order to do so you first need to sign up with a website that provides online fax services. In turn they will provide you with your very own local or toll free fax number. From then onwards you can use this number for receiving and sending your faxes. Basically the service provider will be acting as the intermediary and will be responsible for handling all your faxes.

The Method

So how are the faxes sent online? They are sent in form of email attachments. You can fax online in the form of a PDF or TIFF file which are very common. The good thing about this online faxing is that you cannot only send faxes to other people who are using the online facility rather you can send faxes to conventional machines as well. In the same manner, you can also receive faxes from these machines.

When you select an online fax service provider, they will assist you with an online interface. You can use this platform to log in and send and receive your faxes. Not only are you given the opportunity to send and receive faxes but you can also store a large volume of faxes on the interface as well. This makes it extremely convenient, much more so than the traditional fax machines. In some cases, you may even be given the opportunity to send and receive a fax online through your email account.

Selecting a Service Provider

Many fax online service providers also give their customers a desktop application. Again, you can use this for sending and receiving your faxes. The fact of the matter is that each service provider has different packages to offer with varying features. This is why it is imperative that you check with your service provider to see exactly what kind of features and facilities they have to offer. Some plans may even integrate the service directly with multiple commonly used Microsoft Office applications like Word, Excel and PowerPoint. Hence, you can see just how beneficial it is to fax online in comparison to the conventional method.

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First Time Home Loan

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There will be a time in your life when you would consider a first loan. A first time home loan is generally contracted by people wishing to buy a home, so getting your first loan will be an important step in your life.
In order to have your first time home loan you can consider FHA loans which will provide you with mortgage insurance. When it comes to a home loan the good thing about FHA loans is that you will only need to pay 3.5% down payment. In order to have your first loan and be qualified for an FHA loan, your credit history must be clean and you have to earn a certain income.

You can also resort to conventional loan products regarding your first loan. Thus these products may require low down payment (instead of the usual 20%). Another first time home loan solution is the piggyback loan. The catch is that your down payment and this loan are combined to reach the 20% conventional mortgage demands for. Getting your first loan thus can be easy if you know just how you can get one contracted very easily.

There is also another path for your first time home loan, private mortgage insurance. You must be aware of PMI when considering buying a house, for you may need it if you apply for low down payment mortgage. You will be able to have your first time home loan and this is usually necessary for mortgages with down payment that is less than 20%. What’s best about this is that if you have your mortgage paid reaching 20% home equity, you will be allowed by most lenders to have your insurance canceled. Always make sure to consider the odds before engaging into something like this.

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Tips to Mind When Considering a Payday Loans Lender

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There are way too many people nowadays that are applying for payday loan cash. This has become an increasingly famous way for people to get money in these troubled times. Yes, the economical crisis has taken its toll on everyone and because unemployment rate has been on the rise and people have not got their salaries in time, they need to consider other sources for getting money.

When it comes to payday lenders, they will generally have the size of their application limited and if we consider the time that the application needs to be processed, it is usually under 24 hours. So if you have applied for a loan and you can get the time to work out the papers in that day you will also have your loan in the same day you have asked for it.

If you want to consider PayDay Loan Cash there are some things that you should be careful with. One thing that it is very important is that you won’t fall for scammers that will promise you a lot of things and then leave you with your eyes gazing at the sky. Usually, the whole process will depend on the person that will lend you the money. He or she will have to identify you and see that you have no problems when it comes to having the financial power to paying back your loan. After you will be checked thoroughly, the loan will be released for you so that you can use it for your own benefits.

In the modern times that we live in today, you should not be worrying about speed any longer in regards to payday loan cash. With computers at hand and a lot of automated processes, you will surely get the money in no time.

Always make sure that before you will get payday loan cash, the interest rate is the one you would agree on. If there interest rate is too high, then you will have a hard time paying the money back.

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How to Protect Your Data with an Online Backup Solution

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If you run your own business then it is absolutely essential that you back up the contents of your PC / network. Even if you’re using your PC socially, you should still be looking to back up files. Your hard drive or server (if you’re running a network) stores all of your data, operating system, your software applications and your personal files.

If you’re running a small home based business then you’re probably operating a PC rather than a bunch of networks on a PC, if this is the case they you have to be aware of the possibility of hard drive failure.

With the amount of Malware circulating online reaching an all time high, virus’ are the most common cause of hard drive failure. If your hard disc on your PC or server become infected then you can lose data. Every should set up restore points (a previous state to retrieve your data).

If you’re running your business from a single PC or laptop, it isn’t difficult to back up your data. You can purchase an external hard drive relatively cheaply, which you can copy data over to. Alternatively, software can automate the back up process.

However the problem with backing up with an external hard drive is that the hard drive is still going to be physically located in the same place as your PC or Laptop. So, while this will cover you in a situation where the PC or laptop breaks down, in some disaster cases, such as fire or burglary, this form of back up is worthless.

Some Online companies offer back up, which is automated for one or several machines. Online back ups offer all of the features you could desire, such as continuous back ups, back ups of mapped or external drives, versioning (the ability to restore several versions) and top notch security / encryption.

The good point about Online back up is not only that you don’t have to worry about making the back ups yourself, but also that the backed up data is stored in another location on someone else’s facility. The means that in worst case scenario, at least you have the peace of mind that your data is going to be safe.

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Everything You Need to know About Web Hosting

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Webhosting is a service that allows people to get their content accessible to the World Wide Web. There are a multitude of companies available today if you ever decide to make this step. Your information will be hosted on a server which, kind of resembles a normal PC, but it is actually way more powerful than one.

To connect to a server is very simple, as your computer has a unique IP address making it unique on the internet, the same analogy can be applied to a server as well. If it is easier for you, think about a server as a big warehouse that can be opened with unique keys. Renting space on it is just as renting an apartment in reality. The same rules are applied.

There is a variety of website hosting plans out there and you just have to think about the perfect one for your needs. They may include guest book, community networking functions and many more.

Prices again, depend on your needs. Web Hosting can be a great reason to smile in midday when you don’t have to pay for your space. There are a lot of websites out there which offer free website hosting but at the cost of adding commercial items like ads, banners, and so on. This can be very annoying to some users, but if you pay a certain fee they can be removed. But if your site is successful then you can get your own domain name and get rid of them forever.

If you are wondering which is the best web hosting service available at the moment, this will probably again have to pass through your “needs” filter. You can do a little research on the internet, access specialized forums and see what the community has to say about certain company names you will have thought of beforehand. Some companies also have forums where clients can let a comment regarding its services’ quality and thus it will be easier for you to choose.

Webhosting is available today from a lot of companies and they have competitive prices that are fit for everyone’s needs. A little look on your personal needs for acquiring such a service plus a little research will have you the perfect formula for your satisfaction. And who said success doesn’t have a recipe?

The Benefits of Being a Freelance Writer

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Next time you’re in Starbucks and you see the casually dressed guy in the corner typing away on his laptop and you’re wondering what exactly it is that he does for a living, i’m going to let you in on a little insider secret, he just might be a freelance writer.

Freelance writing is one occupation that gives you complete freedom and flexibility in your daily routine, most notably you choose which hours you work and can work from any location that you desire.

Picture this scenario, it’s a beautiful summers day and the sun is blazing, most people can only dream of strolling down the park to work. For a freelance writer this dream is a very real possibility.

Whatever your occupation, you will need certain tools to be able to do your job. For a freelance writer, you’ll need a laptop or netbook armed with word processing software. With netbooks available that weigh as little as just a few pounds, transporting your netbook to a location of your choice to get stuck into some work isn’t a difficult task.

As well as working from any location you want, Freelance writing allows you can also live wherever you want to. All you need is a PC with internet connection and you can connect with clients worldwide.

In the modern age you don’t always have to find clients to write for. You can actually publish written articles to your own blog in your specialist niche. This enables you to look for advertisers rather than clients. Providing your blog can capture peoples interest and you have a steady number of visitors there will always be companies who want to advertise on your blog.

Once you become an established blogger and expert in your niche, clients will be queuing up for you to write for them. There are not many occupations around where you can solely focus on something you enjoy, writing is one occupation where you can.

Freelance writing also enables you to be in control of how much you earn. Firstly you decide your rate, this could depend on many factors, such as the type of writing you do and clients that you write for. Secondly you can decide how many hours you want to work, some writers only have to work for 3-4 hours a day and choose to do so, others may choose to maximise their earnings by working 10+ hours per day. It all depends on your own personal preference.

Don’t think that Freelance writing is easy, it isn’t, particularly at first. You will find yourself working for below your true value to attract clients. As a freelancer you will experience the same worries that every self employed individual faces, such as no guaranteed pay check, no sick pay etc. However once you establish a yourself as an expert and gather a steady clientele, there are fewer occupations that are more rewarding than writing.

5 reasons why you need a live chat agent for your website

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A live chat agent is someone who is available on your website to speak to visitors instantly via an instant message interface. A live chat agent could be you or someone who works for your business (you would need to set up live chat software) or a freelancer who you outsource the task to. This articles discusses 5 reasons why you should have a live chat agent on your website.

Time is critical

More often than not if you’re interested in buying a product or service you will need to ask a question before making the purchase. In brick and mortar stores, retails advisers are common place. You can find these advisors hovering around the store answering questions from customers who require some sort of confirmation on something before completing a purchase.

Online customers are no different from those offline. Despite the fact your website is likely to contain a thoroughly well thought out FAQ (Frequently asked questions) section, it is realistically impossible to cover bases for every possible permutation of question that your customer could ask about the products or services that you supply. Online businesses regularly lose customers because their website doesn’t answer all of the questions that potential buyers have.

A live chat agent enables you to communicate with your customers instantly. By having a live chat agent present on your site, you will be able to answer any queries straight away. No most lost business because your customer has a question to ask that isn’t answered in your FAQ. Without live support your customer may move onto the next website and purchase from them.


If a customer poses a question to you via e-mail there will always be a certain amount of waiting time between correspondence. If one question sparks another, which is very feasible, then the smallest of conversations can easily spread into hours rather than minutes. A live chat agent will enable simple questions to be answered instantly rather than protracting over hours in e-mails. Generally responding to a live query is far more convenient than opening and closing emails.

The customer experience

Having a live chat agent on your website provides your customer with a far superior customer experience. Live chat agents will often greet the customer on arrival to your website and ask them if they require any assistance. Even if the customers isn’t interested, just the presence of a live chat agent makes your business appear more professional and legitimate.

Enables you support team to focus on more tasks

Live chat support is less time consuming than providing e-mail support. By using a live chat agent you free up time that is usually taken responding to customer e-mails to focus on other tasks such as growing your business.

You can push customers into purchasing the items that you want them to buy

Imagine the extra income you could make if you had a sales person available to talk to every visitor of your website. A live chat agent makes this a possibility. A good sales person can persuade a customer to make a certain concious decision about their purchase, therefore ensuring your customers are exposed to the products that you want to sell them.

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