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AdSense now speaks Indonesian

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Finally, AdSense now speaks Indonesian. This is a great news for Indonesian publisher. We can monetize our website or blog in Bahasa Indonesia with Google Adsense.

“We’re glad to announce that Indonesian has just joined the family of AdSense supported languages. Let’s celebrate by raising our hands in a kecak dance, watching a wayang kulit show or cooking traditional Indonesian recipes.”

[Source: AdSense now speaks Indonesian]

WordPress 3.3 was released

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For all our WordPress users, please remember to update to WordPress 3.3. Just a few moments ago, WordPress 3.3 was released. The version is named “Sonny” in honor of the great jazz saxophonist Sonny Stitt.

So lets jump in and check out some of the new features that are coming in WordPress 3.3!

Flyout Menus

It used to be that flyout menus would only appear when the menu was collapsed, but this has been changed in the new release. Now you get flyouts even in the full menu which is sure to save you an extra mouse click.

Admin Bar Revamped

The new admin bar is also much more responsive and easier to use. It features dropdown menus that respond onhover, once again saving valuable clicks. The menu has also been rearranged making it a lot easier to find what you are looking for. Several things have been added as well, the most obvious of which is the WordPress icon on the left side of the bar. This icon drops down a menu with many useful links including the Codex and Support Forums.

More Efficient Media Uploader

One of the coolest features that is coming in WordPress 3.3 is the new drag and drop media uploader. The WordPress team has made it incredibly easy to drag files from your desktop and just drop them in the installer. Not only this but they also took all the “add media” buttons and combined them into one to make the interface a lot more simple and clean. The new uploader also has support for HTML5 and Silverlight.

New Feature Tooltips aka Pointers

Whenever there is a new feature added in WordPress 3.3 tooltips will notify users of the addition. This should be a welcome addition especially for those of you whose clients are not very WordPress inclined.

It should be a quick 1-click process in your dashboard, and nobody have an excuse not to do so. And if you are currently using any version before 3.2.1, you better run!

Earth Hour – A green Initiative

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For increasing the awareness about the conservation of energy and global warming a green initiative has been kept forward all over the world known as Earth Hour. From the last few years every individual cities in every nation have decided a power saving hour during which they shut off all the unnecessary lights and equipment.

In 2007 Sydney of Australia was the first to start the Earth Hour by switching off the lights for one hour. Nearly 2.2 million peoples and about 2000 businesses took part in the Earth Hour. It took just a Year to spread the Earth hour globally with the participation of 50 million peoples from across 35 countries. In this hour the whole Earth stood in complete darkness.

The third Earth hour was conducted in March 2009 when 4000 cities of over 88 countries took part in it for giving a pledge in the support of their planet Earth. This was considered as the world’s biggest climate change initiative. The biggest Earth hour ever in the history was on Saturday 27 March, 2010 when 128 countries took part for the welfare of their planet. All the buildings starting from Asia Pacific to Europe as well as from Africa to America stood in complete darkness giving a standing ovation to the Earth hour.In 2011 the Earth hour was held on Saturday 26 March at night 8.30 pm.

This Earth hour is organized every year by WWF. It is one of the world’s biggest organizations which have spread its network around more than 100 countries and territories with more than 5 million supporters from all over the globe. The only goal of this organization is to develop a peaceful place to live in harmony for the people by putting an end to the degradation of Earth’s natural environment.

Web Hosting

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Web hosting is one type of Internet Hosting service which makes the users (individuals or organizations) able to make their websites accessed through www (World Wide Web). The web hosting companies provide space on a server of which they are the owners or take rents for the use by their clients. Also they provide Internet Connectivity, more specifically in a data center. These web hosts can also provide space on the servers they do not own and also provide Internet connectivity for the severs of which they are not the owners. This is called Housing or Colocation.

There are tremendous amount of scopes in Web Hosting. The basic scope is hosting a web page or small-scale files. These web pages and small files can be easily transferred through a Web interface or FTP (File Transfer Protocol). Many of the Internet service providers are offering such type of services to their subscribers without charging anything. Business web site hosting is having a higher expense but personal website hosting is totally free of cost.

An interface or control panel can also be provided by the hosts for managing the installing scripts or Web servers as well as many different services like e-mail. Some of the hosts gain specializes in certain services or software. For example e-commerce which is brimming nowadays. Generally the giant companies are using them to outsource network infrastructure to a company which is hosting.

In case of the Colocation service of web hosting the user must own a colo server. The physical space taken by the server is provided by the hosting company and they also take care of the server. This is most expensive yet a powerful way of web hosting service.

Cloud hosting is one another type of hosting platform which allows a powerful and reliable hosting based on utility billing and clustered load-balanced servers.

A Successful Career With Reseller Web Hosting

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When you think about the internet and how many web pages it holds, it truly boggles your mind for those few seconds you try to grasp it. It is the place where you can find information about anything, anytime and from anywhere. And like any data that’s out there available to the wide public, it has to be hosted. This is where you can hear that cocky line feds tend to say in the movies: “Web hosts will take it from here”.

You don’t need to have special trainings or knowledge regarding the technical aspects of hosting. For this there is a data center operator which handles the network hardware and infrastructure, while the owner of the dedicated server is left with configuring, securing and updating the server. When it comes to the reseller’s responsibilities, they mainly consist of interfacing with the customer base, while any software, hardware and connectivity issues are to be settled by the server provider whom sold the reseller plan.

If you want to jump on the hosting business, you’d better be very thoughtful before you do it. Get a pen and a piece of paper and start writing down your plans for this. Start by assigning a budget, deciding how you will administrate it, planning the number of clients within your first month and so on. It doesn’t matter if your plans do not follow accordingly with what reality will actually offer you. Keeping your expectations real and writing them down will make you have a good sense of grasp to your business and by keeping document tracks you will not get lost on the way.

You should know that you are really lucky because you live in such a time where technology has become so widespread and everyone can take advantage of it at low cost. Prices for infrastructure, hardware and bandwidth gave hosting companies the opportunity to offer quality services at competitive and fairly low prices. For you this means that you won’t have to be a millionaire to enter this market, but your efforts will have to, in terms of hours spent working for this.

Reseller hosting also means taking risks. Try not to throw your money in the face of the first person you will see. Do a lot of research and do not ever compromise on the quality.

After this step is done, you should get a domain name and register it. As a web reseller host, avoiding other hosting services is very important. Just go to a registrar and have your domain registered.

If you think of getting a reseller hosting, do your homework and write down your plans about it and then prepare for thousands of hours of work. It won’t be easy, but it could earn you that nice Porsche you’ve always dreamed of.

Why You Need Virtual Assistants?

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Virtual assistants are also known as “VA” and they are a professional remote administrative office providing service and other support through a contractor which is independent, referred to as a virtual assistant.

The assistant works with his client in a continuous collaborative professional relationship. Like many other professionals out there, VA deal with their customers remotely from their personal workplaces by taking advantage of today’s technology to have their services delivered in time to the right clients with whom they keep a strong communication with.

If you wonder what this “collaborative relationship” means, then you should know that it is not some special event that goes on once and then it will never occur again. It most likely resonates with an ongoing permanent activity that maintains everything needed for your business to be stable and also develop, to provide good revenue and run smoother every year. It’s like the air we humans need.

Virtual Assistants deal with the administrative side, they handle tasks which would cost you a lot of time, energy and concentration. In fact, Virtual assistants are, according to latest studies, people who have an experience around 20 years in their field and they are regarded to be better providers compared to a normal employee, and they also have at least one college degree.

Prices of course, are a general interest and of course you would be curious on how much a VA charges. Well, the prices range from $35 to $70 per hour, but you should know that each assistant has its own qualities and gifts. What is great about a Virtual assistant is that the support offered is strategic, and it doesn’t compare to the one a normal employee would offer or in the terms of working hours, nor in the terms of quality.
Everyone wanting to have a greater kick start for their business or to have it improved can choose to work with a VA. You will be getting very skilled professionals offering administrative support and cheaper services compared to a standard employer.

You should never think of virtual assistants resembling normal employees. Your relationship will be more like client-professional than employer to employee. They also have their personal business and they will let you know on their policies and standard procedures before acquiring their services.

If you want to have more time on your hands and feel more secure with your business, getting a Virtual assistants is the way to go! Find Virtual Assistants on oDesk!

Top 9 Tips for Article Marketing Newbies

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Would you like a fast and easy way to get ahead of the competition? You need to find innovative strategies to market your products and give you that competitive advantage against your competitors. These two marketing tactics are relationship building and brand positioning. You can hit both of these with one shot with article marketing.

Article writing is easy if you have sufficient knowledge about the topic you’re writing about. Sometimes, however, it’s not just about knowledge of the product or the subject matter that’s important.

Anyone who ventures into something new, including article writing, should be aware of the things that are essential to the task he is about to venture into. An aspiring article marketing writer, for instance, should be guided by the following:

1. In Internet marketing, writing articles stems from need instead of desire. For your website to receive traffic, it needs to be indexed by the search engines. In order for the search engines to index your site, you need to have content. This is where writing articles come in.

2. A common dilemma in creating an article is where and how to start. Rather than lose time and sleep over it, just start writing down your ideas. Go over them then rearrange your ideas according to order of recurrence and anchor similar ideas together. Allow for smooth transitioning when expressing different ideas by connecting their relevance to each other.

3. Others think you don’t have to be perfect with your grammar but those who are more meticulous tend to disagree. An article writer must project expertise in the subject matter he writes about. While you can’t be perfect as an article writer, at least try to be grammatically correct.

4. Stay on the safe side by using your word processor’s spelling and grammar checker. However, don’t rely on it too much. Trust your own judgment. Grammar checkers are not always correct, so don’t take all the suggestions as true. If you’re in doubt, have someone, preferably a professional writer or editor, go over your work and make corrections.

5. Short but informative can have an advantage over the lengthy and wordy. However, if you can present your article in a free flowing manner, length is not going to matter to the interested reader. There are well-written reading materials that can leave you wanting for more. Why not aim for excellence and find out how these writers do it?

6. Get your articles published at the popular blog sites that enjoy quality page views. However, match the sites to your targeted audience to make sure you get the right responses. Submit your article to article directories so you can get more exposure from these free publishers and to those looking for free articles.

7. Show appreciation for those people who comment positively on your articles, and refrain from reacting to those who don’t. In fact, the reason why some people post negative comments is to make you feel bad. Be patient about these things. Don’t let negative feedback get you down; every writer has had his fair share of negative feedback.

8. It can happen that article directories and blog sites will reject your article. Take it in stride and take note of the reasons why your article was rejected. If you have no idea how to go about correcting your mistakes, ask help from someone with a greater degree of expertise.

9. Remember that you’re a newbie article marketer and it’s normal for newbies to fail. If you can’t accept failure, you should realize this early on that there’s no profession on the planet that can guarantee you a fail-free life.

Video: How To Get Thousands of Visitors To Your Blog

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It’s easier than ever to get Google to send your blog thousands of visitors a month.

Forget complicated terms like keyword density — let’s keep it simple.

Here’s how, with about five minutes of work, you can get your blog ranked highly in Google for valuable search terms.

Automated Traffic – Fastest, Easiest Way To Get Traffic, => Click Here!

What do you think? I would love to hear your thoughts so drop your comment below!

Top 5 Ways You Can Be a Better Blogger

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Blogging is fast becoming a popular pastime for many people. Most people’s views of blogs are of an online diary where you post your thoughts, feelings, and opinions on certain subjects. Some bloggers post for the sake of posting, and they aren’t too bothered by how many readers they have.

Others, however, are obsessed with gaining as many followers as they can get their hands on. The benefit of having a large reader base is that advertisers are more likely to approach you and pay you for space on your blog. If you want to be a better blogger for whatever reason, here are 5 tips to help you get there.

1. Keep a friendly writing style

There’s no need to overdo it with the long words and perfect grammar. In fact, blogs that are written in a very formal style tend to be less popular with your average Web surfer. Try and keep your tone casual and comfortable, as if you were talking with a good friend.

2. Don’t over write

The fact is that most Internet surfers have short attention spans and readers tend to prefer short text rather than long drawn out essays. Try and keep your writing clear and to the point. Include only the needed information. You don’t want to appear like your writing a book. If your blog post contains over 500 words, ou’ve probably written too much and you may need to shorten the text to just the main points. One way to do this is to split the post in two so it continues to another page.

3. Don’t over advertise

If you decide to promote yourself and your products or services on your blog, that’s fine. It’ a good way to generate some customers and will cost you nothing. But remember that blog readers will easily spot posts that have been written as marketing tools and some dislike this type of thing. Try to be subtle about your advertisements. Write a brief post detailing your business and leave a single link at the bottom or in the signature area. If you want to advertise using banners, use them sparingly. Many visitors are quickly turned away by pages with endless rows of rectangular adverts.

4. Spell check often

Keep your blog professional. Always go over your post a few times and check for misspellings. Be casual in your writing style, but don’t be sloppy. Posts filled with spelling errors will gradually give you a bad reputation and people will start to question your technical skill and knowledge. No one will take what you say seriously and you may lose readers.

5. Post regularly

If you build a good reputation, people will start to visit your blog more often and expect to see new content on your site; most will come once or twice a week. Keep your blog updated and fresh by posting often. Remember to keep your posts short and to the point. This way they are easier to read and will take no time to write on a daily basis. Keep your fans happy. Write often and keep the content interesting.

How to Make Free Website in 2 Min

in Article/Blogging/Fun/Internet/Review by, an online provider of unique free Flash templates and a sophisticated free website builder that allows for easy and independent creation of personalized Flash websites.Using Wix anyone can create is own website , using an online drag n drop builder, and its totaly free.

Wix builder is suit to a wide range of categories from Music , photgraphy, business, real easte, food and more.

Its so simple to sign up, log in, create a template, design it, and then publish! DONE.

Wix is an interactive website full of great tools to help you design. Wix will allow you to make a free flash web site for your Business or Personal use without knowledge of Macromedia Flash or the Macromedia Flash program.

Wix is an online application to make websites, Free MySpace Layouts, Widgets, Newsletters, Banners, Flyers. Wix offers you a simple powerful platform to make flash website templates and more. You can build a website even if you don’t know anything about design or programming.


  • No downloads or programming needed
  • Creating a website with Wix is free
  • Wix is the simpler, faster, better way to create stunning web content
  • It’s easy to create in online user friendly drag and drop editor.
  • It’s easy to promote because all Wix website are search engines friendly.

Check out Wix and tell us what you think!

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