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How to Submit Article Creations to over 500 Article Directories

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Article directories hosted around the web are normally designed with simplicity putting more emphasis on text and layout than graphics. This way, article directories do not take too long to load making it easy for people to submit articles quickly. In fact, to submit article creations, all that is required is usually to register in the article directory one time putting your e-mail, password and other personal details that will accompany your future article submissions.

After registration, articles can easily be created offline using a word processor and then pasted to the submission forms for approval. All of these little steps are needed to post a single article. If another article needs to be posted, everything except the registration needs to repeated which isn’t a big deal for most unless articles need to be submitted every now and then which could be tiring for some.

The real concern is when articles need to be posted on other sites for added publicity. There are hundreds of article directories growing all over the Internet and a good deal of them have high page rankings making it absolutely crucial to submit article work there. Fortunately, a single program called Article Submitter can submit an article to over 500 of these directories in just a few steps.

How to Submit Article Creations to over 500 Article Directories in 3 easy steps:

1. Run Article Submitter and Add your Author Information

Providing that you already checked that your article is ready for publishing, acquire and run Article Submitter to get started. The first screen will show you some fields to fill up which will be universally used to login to the article directories and attach any information supported by the site to the article. The easiest way to finish this step is by filling all the fields and clicking “Register author profile” and then “Save author profile”. This should get you registered in all the article directories to make mass-submitting possible.

2. Manage the Article Directories List

Managing the list is easy letting you sort the sites according to address or PageRank as well as setting the categories for each depending on the article that you will submit. It can be found on the second button on top.

3. Paste your Article and Let Article Submitter Work

This step is also easy requiring you to supply all information regarding your article and choosing the submission options. You can submit article works to any or all sites in the database. Article Submitter allows multiple articles to be made so all of them can be submitted to the different article directories all at once. If you have Article Spinner installed, you can check the first checkbox to have your article rewritten prior to submission. Click “Submit article” when you are ready and let Article Submitter log in to each site and submit the articles one by one.

Once the process is completed, you will be presented with a screen showing what has taken place along with some options that allow you to print the reports or export it to a file. If you ever wish to submit an article again, you can easily load the program again and let the automation do the work.

To check out the software, go here:
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WordPress 2.8 Now Available

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WordPress has just released the newest version of their installable blog software, WordPress 2.8 – Baker.

The most notable addition would seem to be the ability to browse themes from within the WordPress Dashboard. With the Theme Browser, you can specify the color you want, how many columns there should be, and fixed or flexible width. You can then select and install themes that match those criteria on-the-fly, without leaving the Dashboard.

WordPress 2.8 also offers a re-designed widgets interface, improved speed, and has fixed a reported 790 bugs. The download is available here.

Happy upgrading…

PPP v4.0 Now Live

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First things first, this post is sponsored by PayPerPost.

PayPerPost has a great news for all bloggers and advertisers! PayPerPost v4.0 is now live for everyone.

It is a very simple and elegant way to earn money with no more waiting time for blog approvals.

The new site, so called PayPerPost v4.0 is very “Web2.0? and bubbly. They’ve got Twitter integration and some nice account management. Plus, they offered me some cash to write a short review of their new service.



  • Instant blog approvals.
  • Blog sites are automatically eligible to receive offers after submission.
  • Unlike classic version, new version allows 3 days’ time to complete the offer. So, enough time for those who are always on the go!
  • Advertiser has 3 days to review your post and if they don’t review it, it’s automatically approved!
  • Only drawback is that, unlike classic version which allowed 3 chances for editing, you are allowed only one chance to make corrections if the advertiser doesn’t approve your post. Thus, you need to be extra careful while editing the post to be eligible for payment.
  • Also, cash out to your PayPal account will be made available once you have accumulated $50.00 as compared to classic version in which it was instant.

So, if you’re a blogger trying to make a little dough with your blog, why not give the new PPP a try. Happy blogging guys and have a great day!

WordPress 2.7.1 Released

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WordPress 2.7.1, the first 2.7 maintenance release, is now available. 2.7.1 fixes 68 tickets.

If you already have WordPress 2.7 or 2.7.1 RC1 installed, you’ll receive an update notification that will allow you to upgrade WordPress from within WP-Admin itself.

You can automatically upgrade from 2.7 to 2.7.1 via the Tools > Upgrade menu. This will upgrade the files and the database as well in one step. Or you can download the package and upgrade manually.

Happy upgrading!

WordPress 2.7 Released

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The WordPress team has published a version of WordPress, WordPress 2.7.

The first thing that users will notice is the new administration interface which was completely redone to optimize processes.

The development team claims that nearly every task in WordPress 2.7 will take fewer clicks than it took in previous versions of the blogging platform.

Unlike previous versions where it’s a good idea to wait, it is highly recommended to upgrade to WordPress 2.7 now. It is very stable and has been well tested on with more than 5 million blogs over the past week. WordPress 2.7 includes the latest security updates. Once installed, it will notify you for automatic upgrades, making the upgrade process incredibly easy.

WordPress LogoTo upgrade from older versions of WordPress, follow the instructions in the WordPress Codex, the online manual for WordPress Users, in Upgrading WordPress.

Don’t wait. It is critical that you upgrade WordPress now because:

  • Future upgrades will be easier.
  • Your blog will be protected from current security vulnerabilities.
  • It features easy WordPress Theme and Plugin upgrades, additions, and news.
  • Some search engines and directories are considering penalizing page rank or not indexing old versions of WordPress due to security vulnerabilities and failure to upgrade (few spam sites upgrade).

Happy upgrading! 🙂 User Blogs Now Powered by WordPress!

in Blogging/Fun/Internet by upgrade it user blogging platform to WordPress now served as replacement of MovableType !

I believe friendster using WPMU as the base as supporting multi million user for using new platform.

Friendster Team also currently has installed several themes for their new blogging 2.0 system. Just hoping them to install more plugins in it.

Friendster Blog Admin Panel

Friendster Blog Admin URL

Happy blogging!

WordPress 2.6.1

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A new version of WordPress has been released, WordPress 2.6.1.

Over 60 fixes have been introduced in the new WordPress version, several of them critical and some security related. Please check them all by following the link to WordPress Trac.

This release does not require a mandatory update, so you can continue using WordPress 2.6 if you are happy with it =)

Happy upgrading!

FeedBurner AdSense for feeds

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FeedBurner has confirmed that Google Adsense advertising is being integrated in Feedburner feeds and that should increase the income generated from feed advertising.

FeedBurner intersperses ads in blog feeds between every few posts. Integrating with AdSense will allow for publishers to tap into contextual ads for their feeds, in addition to the ads that FeedBurner already sells.

Feedburner also lets you place Feedburner Network Ads on your website, and you can fall back upon Adsense ads in case of lack of ad fill. Now a complete integration of Feedburner and Adsense in feeds will let anyone place Google Adsense ads in their feeds and also let advertisers directly target your feed.

Any publisher who has a Google AdSense account may now run AdSense ads on their site if they already participate in the FeedBurner Ad Network (FAN) or use our FeedFlare service to display interactive links below content on their sites. AdSense ads in 300×250 or 468×60 format will display below the first post on each page of your site that has our script code installed.

To activate the service:

  1. Sign in to your FeedBurner account.
  2. Click your feed’s title on My Feeds.
  3. Visit the Monetize tab, where you can connect this service to your AdSense account (if you already have one), or create a new AdSense account (if you don’t).

Have a great day!

WordPress 2.6 “Tyner” Released

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WordPress 2.6 contains a number of new features that make WordPress a more powerful CMS: you can now track changes to every post and page and easily post from wherever you are on the web, plus there are dozens of incremental improvements to the features introduced in version 2.5.

There are several new features in WordPress 2.6. The WordPress team have also created a video that demonstrates the new features bundled with WordPress 2.6.

Happy upgrading and gud lak!

[WordPress 2.6 – WordPress Blog]

WordPress 2.5.1 is Available

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Version 2.5.1 of WordPress is now available. It includes a number of bug fixes, performance enhancements, and one very important security fix. We recommend everyone update immediately, particularly if your blog has open registration. The vulnerability is not public but it will be shortly.

Here are some WordPress 2.5.1 highlights:

  • Performance improvements for the Dashboard, Write Post, and Edit Comments pages.
  • Better performance for those who have many categories
  • Media Uploader fixes
  • An upgrade to TinyMCE 3.0.7
  • Widget Administration fixes
  • Various usability improvements
  • Layout fixes for IE

[WordPress 2.5.1 – WordPress Blog]

Happy upgrading!

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