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Installing Movable Type on Debian Server

Movable Type Movable Type is a widely-used proprietary weblog publishing system developed by California-based Six Apart. Movable Type also supports most popular weblogging features, including user accounts, comments, categories, and

WordPress on Debian Linux

This tutorial is how to install WordPress on Debian Linux. Installing WordPress on Debian? What for? Are there many easy ways to install WordPress on our server (Web hosting)? Eventually,

Installing HTTP Server on Debian

This tutorial about installing HTTP Server on Debian Linux. Installing Apache HTTP Server for HTTP (Web) Server Service apt-get install apache2 Testing HTTP Server: Open a web browser and enter

Installing PostgreSQL on Debian

Description This tutorial is about howto installing PostgreSQL on Debian Server. Installing PostgreSQL apt-get update apt-get install pgsql Create Language Example plpgsql su postgres createlang plpgsql template1 exit Change authentication