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How to Protect Your Data with an Online Backup Solution

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If you run your own business then it is absolutely essential that you back up the contents of your PC / network. Even if you’re using your PC socially, you should still be looking to back up files. Your hard drive or server (if you’re running a network) stores all of your data, operating system, your software applications and your personal files.

If you’re running a small home based business then you’re probably operating a PC rather than a bunch of networks on a PC, if this is the case they you have to be aware of the possibility of hard drive failure.

With the amount of Malware circulating online reaching an all time high, virus’ are the most common cause of hard drive failure. If your hard disc on your PC or server become infected then you can lose data. Every should set up restore points (a previous state to retrieve your data).

If you’re running your business from a single PC or laptop, it isn’t difficult to back up your data. You can purchase an external hard drive relatively cheaply, which you can copy data over to. Alternatively, software can automate the back up process.

However the problem with backing up with an external hard drive is that the hard drive is still going to be physically located in the same place as your PC or Laptop. So, while this will cover you in a situation where the PC or laptop breaks down, in some disaster cases, such as fire or burglary, this form of back up is worthless.

Some Online companies offer back up, which is automated for one or several machines. Online back ups offer all of the features you could desire, such as continuous back ups, back ups of mapped or external drives, versioning (the ability to restore several versions) and top notch security / encryption.

The good point about Online back up is not only that you don’t have to worry about making the back ups yourself, but also that the backed up data is stored in another location on someone else’s facility. The means that in worst case scenario, at least you have the peace of mind that your data is going to be safe.

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WordPress 3.0 “Thelonious” Released

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WordPress 3.0, the thirteenth major release of WordPress and the culmination of half a year of work by 218 contributors, is now available for download (or upgrade within your dashboard)

Major new features in this release include a sexy new default theme called Twenty Ten.

WordPress 3.0 Video Tour

[Source: WordPress 3.0 “Thelonious”]

Today while I was working on a site I went to my WordPress Admin Panel -> Tools -> Upgrade and noticed that version 3.0 was ready to download and upgrade.

I clicked on the upgrade automatically link and so far so good!

Happy upgrading guys!

Tips You Should Know About Website Hosting

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If you have a website that you just finished building up, then you surely would like to have it hosted on the internet.

Fortunately nowadays website hosting is very cheap and there are plenty of companies you can choose from. You will have all of your information stored on a server you will personally choose and if you choose for a dedicated unmanageable server, you will have full control of that server and also your info which will be hosted on it. But this can cost you some pretty big money, so it’d best for you to check your needs first.

Connecting to a server is very simple, it’s basically the same process when the internet company which’s service you just acquired, sends out a team to come at your place and install you that service. But you won’t need any more cables now, just a quick connection wizard and everything will be set up just fine.

If you are a webmaster in search for a good web hosting directory then you should know this is no big task to wrack your brain around it. There are hundreds of companies offering their services specifically for your personal plans. Thus, there are many webhosting packages available for each potential client.

Prices depend again, on the website hosting plans you are interested in. They can vary from as low as 1$ and up to 60 $ per month or even more. If you would like to not pay a dime for this service, you will be glad when you’ll find out that there are also free hosting services where you can host your information on. But they come at the expense of letting ads and banners appear on your webpage, which for many is annoying.

Don’t ask big questions like “which is the best hosting service available?” for again, you will have to look at your needs. After checking thoroughly, try pairing it with a little online research and you will have the answers you need about every doubt or question you may have.

Finding a good webhosting provider is just a simple three step procedure: check your needs, do a little online research and then acquire the services.

A Successful Career With Reseller Web Hosting

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When you think about the internet and how many web pages it holds, it truly boggles your mind for those few seconds you try to grasp it. It is the place where you can find information about anything, anytime and from anywhere. And like any data that’s out there available to the wide public, it has to be hosted. This is where you can hear that cocky line feds tend to say in the movies: “Web hosts will take it from here”.

You don’t need to have special trainings or knowledge regarding the technical aspects of hosting. For this there is a data center operator which handles the network hardware and infrastructure, while the owner of the dedicated server is left with configuring, securing and updating the server. When it comes to the reseller’s responsibilities, they mainly consist of interfacing with the customer base, while any software, hardware and connectivity issues are to be settled by the server provider whom sold the reseller plan.

If you want to jump on the hosting business, you’d better be very thoughtful before you do it. Get a pen and a piece of paper and start writing down your plans for this. Start by assigning a budget, deciding how you will administrate it, planning the number of clients within your first month and so on. It doesn’t matter if your plans do not follow accordingly with what reality will actually offer you. Keeping your expectations real and writing them down will make you have a good sense of grasp to your business and by keeping document tracks you will not get lost on the way.

You should know that you are really lucky because you live in such a time where technology has become so widespread and everyone can take advantage of it at low cost. Prices for infrastructure, hardware and bandwidth gave hosting companies the opportunity to offer quality services at competitive and fairly low prices. For you this means that you won’t have to be a millionaire to enter this market, but your efforts will have to, in terms of hours spent working for this.

Reseller hosting also means taking risks. Try not to throw your money in the face of the first person you will see. Do a lot of research and do not ever compromise on the quality.

After this step is done, you should get a domain name and register it. As a web reseller host, avoiding other hosting services is very important. Just go to a registrar and have your domain registered.

If you think of getting a reseller hosting, do your homework and write down your plans about it and then prepare for thousands of hours of work. It won’t be easy, but it could earn you that nice Porsche you’ve always dreamed of.

Why You Need Virtual Assistants?

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Virtual assistants are also known as “VA” and they are a professional remote administrative office providing service and other support through a contractor which is independent, referred to as a virtual assistant.

The assistant works with his client in a continuous collaborative professional relationship. Like many other professionals out there, VA deal with their customers remotely from their personal workplaces by taking advantage of today’s technology to have their services delivered in time to the right clients with whom they keep a strong communication with.

If you wonder what this “collaborative relationship” means, then you should know that it is not some special event that goes on once and then it will never occur again. It most likely resonates with an ongoing permanent activity that maintains everything needed for your business to be stable and also develop, to provide good revenue and run smoother every year. It’s like the air we humans need.

Virtual Assistants deal with the administrative side, they handle tasks which would cost you a lot of time, energy and concentration. In fact, Virtual assistants are, according to latest studies, people who have an experience around 20 years in their field and they are regarded to be better providers compared to a normal employee, and they also have at least one college degree.

Prices of course, are a general interest and of course you would be curious on how much a VA charges. Well, the prices range from $35 to $70 per hour, but you should know that each assistant has its own qualities and gifts. What is great about a Virtual assistant is that the support offered is strategic, and it doesn’t compare to the one a normal employee would offer or in the terms of working hours, nor in the terms of quality.
Everyone wanting to have a greater kick start for their business or to have it improved can choose to work with a VA. You will be getting very skilled professionals offering administrative support and cheaper services compared to a standard employer.

You should never think of virtual assistants resembling normal employees. Your relationship will be more like client-professional than employer to employee. They also have their personal business and they will let you know on their policies and standard procedures before acquiring their services.

If you want to have more time on your hands and feel more secure with your business, getting a Virtual assistants is the way to go! Find Virtual Assistants on oDesk!

Everything You Need to know About Web Hosting

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Webhosting is a service that allows people to get their content accessible to the World Wide Web. There are a multitude of companies available today if you ever decide to make this step. Your information will be hosted on a server which, kind of resembles a normal PC, but it is actually way more powerful than one.

To connect to a server is very simple, as your computer has a unique IP address making it unique on the internet, the same analogy can be applied to a server as well. If it is easier for you, think about a server as a big warehouse that can be opened with unique keys. Renting space on it is just as renting an apartment in reality. The same rules are applied.

There is a variety of website hosting plans out there and you just have to think about the perfect one for your needs. They may include guest book, community networking functions and many more.

Prices again, depend on your needs. Web Hosting can be a great reason to smile in midday when you don’t have to pay for your space. There are a lot of websites out there which offer free website hosting but at the cost of adding commercial items like ads, banners, and so on. This can be very annoying to some users, but if you pay a certain fee they can be removed. But if your site is successful then you can get your own domain name and get rid of them forever.

If you are wondering which is the best web hosting service available at the moment, this will probably again have to pass through your “needs” filter. You can do a little research on the internet, access specialized forums and see what the community has to say about certain company names you will have thought of beforehand. Some companies also have forums where clients can let a comment regarding its services’ quality and thus it will be easier for you to choose.

Webhosting is available today from a lot of companies and they have competitive prices that are fit for everyone’s needs. A little look on your personal needs for acquiring such a service plus a little research will have you the perfect formula for your satisfaction. And who said success doesn’t have a recipe?

Tips on How to get a US Bank Non Resident Account

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If you tried so many times to get a US bank non resident account then you probably know how tough that is to acquire. Some banks may ask you for a minimum of $2000 deposit of cash, while others can go even more and ask you the staggering sum of $10000. If you don’t have that kind of money, then do not worry. I will let you in on some advice on how to set your own non resident account in the next minutes.

“Why would you need a US bank non resident account?” is a very simple question to answer. While there are methods of withdrawing your money from accounts like PayPal, there will be at some point in time people in the United States who will be sending you checks in US currency. This causes you to have your money filtered through fees which will be applied every time you will decide to undergo a transaction which involves withdrawing your money. This is very annoying. Especially when you are being wired some money to your PayPal account, because they have their own exchange rates which are to your disadvantage and among that, they still have a fee of over 3% which is very much.

Having such an account worked out is not a complicated task. The paperwork is just so simple and the only thing you will require for this is a photocopy of your passport. No certification and no notarization. Also, you will not be needing any reference letters from other banks and there will be no need for a credit check.

There are several advantages you will be getting along with a US bank non resident account, one of them being the possibility of receiving inwards transfers from just about anyone. The online banking is also very good and you will be able to check your transaction history, check your balance, transfer money from and to other bank accounts, and so on. Another great thing is that initiating an ACH transfer from and to other US accounts is free. Your initial deposit will have to be of $1000.

While there are mentionable advantages of this type of account, there are surely some disadvantages as well. If you are working with PayPal, you will be able to transfer money from that account to your US account, but not vice versa.

Grab my guide on how to open US Bank as non resident, => us bank non resident, right now!

The Benefits of Being a Freelance Writer

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Next time you’re in Starbucks and you see the casually dressed guy in the corner typing away on his laptop and you’re wondering what exactly it is that he does for a living, i’m going to let you in on a little insider secret, he just might be a freelance writer.

Freelance writing is one occupation that gives you complete freedom and flexibility in your daily routine, most notably you choose which hours you work and can work from any location that you desire.

Picture this scenario, it’s a beautiful summers day and the sun is blazing, most people can only dream of strolling down the park to work. For a freelance writer this dream is a very real possibility.

Whatever your occupation, you will need certain tools to be able to do your job. For a freelance writer, you’ll need a laptop or netbook armed with word processing software. With netbooks available that weigh as little as just a few pounds, transporting your netbook to a location of your choice to get stuck into some work isn’t a difficult task.

As well as working from any location you want, Freelance writing allows you can also live wherever you want to. All you need is a PC with internet connection and you can connect with clients worldwide.

In the modern age you don’t always have to find clients to write for. You can actually publish written articles to your own blog in your specialist niche. This enables you to look for advertisers rather than clients. Providing your blog can capture peoples interest and you have a steady number of visitors there will always be companies who want to advertise on your blog.

Once you become an established blogger and expert in your niche, clients will be queuing up for you to write for them. There are not many occupations around where you can solely focus on something you enjoy, writing is one occupation where you can.

Freelance writing also enables you to be in control of how much you earn. Firstly you decide your rate, this could depend on many factors, such as the type of writing you do and clients that you write for. Secondly you can decide how many hours you want to work, some writers only have to work for 3-4 hours a day and choose to do so, others may choose to maximise their earnings by working 10+ hours per day. It all depends on your own personal preference.

Don’t think that Freelance writing is easy, it isn’t, particularly at first. You will find yourself working for below your true value to attract clients. As a freelancer you will experience the same worries that every self employed individual faces, such as no guaranteed pay check, no sick pay etc. However once you establish a yourself as an expert and gather a steady clientele, there are fewer occupations that are more rewarding than writing.

5 reasons why you need a live chat agent for your website

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A live chat agent is someone who is available on your website to speak to visitors instantly via an instant message interface. A live chat agent could be you or someone who works for your business (you would need to set up live chat software) or a freelancer who you outsource the task to. This articles discusses 5 reasons why you should have a live chat agent on your website.

Time is critical

More often than not if you’re interested in buying a product or service you will need to ask a question before making the purchase. In brick and mortar stores, retails advisers are common place. You can find these advisors hovering around the store answering questions from customers who require some sort of confirmation on something before completing a purchase.

Online customers are no different from those offline. Despite the fact your website is likely to contain a thoroughly well thought out FAQ (Frequently asked questions) section, it is realistically impossible to cover bases for every possible permutation of question that your customer could ask about the products or services that you supply. Online businesses regularly lose customers because their website doesn’t answer all of the questions that potential buyers have.

A live chat agent enables you to communicate with your customers instantly. By having a live chat agent present on your site, you will be able to answer any queries straight away. No most lost business because your customer has a question to ask that isn’t answered in your FAQ. Without live support your customer may move onto the next website and purchase from them.


If a customer poses a question to you via e-mail there will always be a certain amount of waiting time between correspondence. If one question sparks another, which is very feasible, then the smallest of conversations can easily spread into hours rather than minutes. A live chat agent will enable simple questions to be answered instantly rather than protracting over hours in e-mails. Generally responding to a live query is far more convenient than opening and closing emails.

The customer experience

Having a live chat agent on your website provides your customer with a far superior customer experience. Live chat agents will often greet the customer on arrival to your website and ask them if they require any assistance. Even if the customers isn’t interested, just the presence of a live chat agent makes your business appear more professional and legitimate.

Enables you support team to focus on more tasks

Live chat support is less time consuming than providing e-mail support. By using a live chat agent you free up time that is usually taken responding to customer e-mails to focus on other tasks such as growing your business.

You can push customers into purchasing the items that you want them to buy

Imagine the extra income you could make if you had a sales person available to talk to every visitor of your website. A live chat agent makes this a possibility. A good sales person can persuade a customer to make a certain concious decision about their purchase, therefore ensuring your customers are exposed to the products that you want to sell them.

Top 9 Tips for Article Marketing Newbies

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Would you like a fast and easy way to get ahead of the competition? You need to find innovative strategies to market your products and give you that competitive advantage against your competitors. These two marketing tactics are relationship building and brand positioning. You can hit both of these with one shot with article marketing.

Article writing is easy if you have sufficient knowledge about the topic you’re writing about. Sometimes, however, it’s not just about knowledge of the product or the subject matter that’s important.

Anyone who ventures into something new, including article writing, should be aware of the things that are essential to the task he is about to venture into. An aspiring article marketing writer, for instance, should be guided by the following:

1. In Internet marketing, writing articles stems from need instead of desire. For your website to receive traffic, it needs to be indexed by the search engines. In order for the search engines to index your site, you need to have content. This is where writing articles come in.

2. A common dilemma in creating an article is where and how to start. Rather than lose time and sleep over it, just start writing down your ideas. Go over them then rearrange your ideas according to order of recurrence and anchor similar ideas together. Allow for smooth transitioning when expressing different ideas by connecting their relevance to each other.

3. Others think you don’t have to be perfect with your grammar but those who are more meticulous tend to disagree. An article writer must project expertise in the subject matter he writes about. While you can’t be perfect as an article writer, at least try to be grammatically correct.

4. Stay on the safe side by using your word processor’s spelling and grammar checker. However, don’t rely on it too much. Trust your own judgment. Grammar checkers are not always correct, so don’t take all the suggestions as true. If you’re in doubt, have someone, preferably a professional writer or editor, go over your work and make corrections.

5. Short but informative can have an advantage over the lengthy and wordy. However, if you can present your article in a free flowing manner, length is not going to matter to the interested reader. There are well-written reading materials that can leave you wanting for more. Why not aim for excellence and find out how these writers do it?

6. Get your articles published at the popular blog sites that enjoy quality page views. However, match the sites to your targeted audience to make sure you get the right responses. Submit your article to article directories so you can get more exposure from these free publishers and to those looking for free articles.

7. Show appreciation for those people who comment positively on your articles, and refrain from reacting to those who don’t. In fact, the reason why some people post negative comments is to make you feel bad. Be patient about these things. Don’t let negative feedback get you down; every writer has had his fair share of negative feedback.

8. It can happen that article directories and blog sites will reject your article. Take it in stride and take note of the reasons why your article was rejected. If you have no idea how to go about correcting your mistakes, ask help from someone with a greater degree of expertise.

9. Remember that you’re a newbie article marketer and it’s normal for newbies to fail. If you can’t accept failure, you should realize this early on that there’s no profession on the planet that can guarantee you a fail-free life.

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