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Use the Same Architecture (64-bit) on All EC2 Instance Types

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A few hours ago, Amazon AWS announced that all EC2 instance types can now run 64-bit AMIs.

This is fantastic news!

You can now launch 64-bit operating systems on the Small and Medium instance types. This means that you can now create a single Amazon Machine Image (AMI) and run it on an extremely wide range of instance types, from the Micro all the way up to the High-CPU Extra Large and and the High-Memory Quadruple Extra Large, as you can see from the console menu:

What is Web Hosting

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Web site hosting allows people and practically anyone who wishes to make their content accessible to the World Wide Web, possible. There are a multitude of companies which can offer this type of service, generally regarded as main servers. Because they deal with a lot of data and traffic, the server must be very powerful in terms of processing power so that they can handle any sudden increase in traffic without compromising performance or, in the worst case scenario, failing. That is why it is very common for them to contain a lot of data stocking devices and being very fast.

Of course, there is a wide variety of web site hosting plans out there and each one comes with its own options to choose from. Some may include guest books, community networking functions and many, many more. But there are also professional side deals of web site hosting, which have specific packages they can attract their clientele with, most popular being the ability of credit card processing.

Depending on you needs, prices can range very much for web site hosting. To host your own site can really be a joy, where paying for it doesn’t even appear as a problem, because you will most likely find it for free. It is very convenient, but everything that comes for free is not that great, as you know it. You will generally have to allow ads and banners being shown on your site so that, depending on your success, the larger companies can win a buck off your back. But I guess anyone who rapidly grows a money making domain will no doubt register it properly. If this is not the case though, you can pay a small amount of money to the hosting service so you can have the ads and banners removed.

Do bear in mind though, depending on the content you wish to host, you should check for servers that can offer 24/7 availability without fail downs, for this will cut down from your site’s reputation being regarded as unstable.

Tips You Should Know About Website Hosting

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If you have a website that you just finished building up, then you surely would like to have it hosted on the internet.

Fortunately nowadays website hosting is very cheap and there are plenty of companies you can choose from. You will have all of your information stored on a server you will personally choose and if you choose for a dedicated unmanageable server, you will have full control of that server and also your info which will be hosted on it. But this can cost you some pretty big money, so it’d best for you to check your needs first.

Connecting to a server is very simple, it’s basically the same process when the internet company which’s service you just acquired, sends out a team to come at your place and install you that service. But you won’t need any more cables now, just a quick connection wizard and everything will be set up just fine.

If you are a webmaster in search for a good web hosting directory then you should know this is no big task to wrack your brain around it. There are hundreds of companies offering their services specifically for your personal plans. Thus, there are many webhosting packages available for each potential client.

Prices depend again, on the website hosting plans you are interested in. They can vary from as low as 1$ and up to 60 $ per month or even more. If you would like to not pay a dime for this service, you will be glad when you’ll find out that there are also free hosting services where you can host your information on. But they come at the expense of letting ads and banners appear on your webpage, which for many is annoying.

Don’t ask big questions like “which is the best hosting service available?” for again, you will have to look at your needs. After checking thoroughly, try pairing it with a little online research and you will have the answers you need about every doubt or question you may have.

Finding a good webhosting provider is just a simple three step procedure: check your needs, do a little online research and then acquire the services.

A Successful Career With Reseller Web Hosting

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When you think about the internet and how many web pages it holds, it truly boggles your mind for those few seconds you try to grasp it. It is the place where you can find information about anything, anytime and from anywhere. And like any data that’s out there available to the wide public, it has to be hosted. This is where you can hear that cocky line feds tend to say in the movies: “Web hosts will take it from here”.

You don’t need to have special trainings or knowledge regarding the technical aspects of hosting. For this there is a data center operator which handles the network hardware and infrastructure, while the owner of the dedicated server is left with configuring, securing and updating the server. When it comes to the reseller’s responsibilities, they mainly consist of interfacing with the customer base, while any software, hardware and connectivity issues are to be settled by the server provider whom sold the reseller plan.

If you want to jump on the hosting business, you’d better be very thoughtful before you do it. Get a pen and a piece of paper and start writing down your plans for this. Start by assigning a budget, deciding how you will administrate it, planning the number of clients within your first month and so on. It doesn’t matter if your plans do not follow accordingly with what reality will actually offer you. Keeping your expectations real and writing them down will make you have a good sense of grasp to your business and by keeping document tracks you will not get lost on the way.

You should know that you are really lucky because you live in such a time where technology has become so widespread and everyone can take advantage of it at low cost. Prices for infrastructure, hardware and bandwidth gave hosting companies the opportunity to offer quality services at competitive and fairly low prices. For you this means that you won’t have to be a millionaire to enter this market, but your efforts will have to, in terms of hours spent working for this.

Reseller hosting also means taking risks. Try not to throw your money in the face of the first person you will see. Do a lot of research and do not ever compromise on the quality.

After this step is done, you should get a domain name and register it. As a web reseller host, avoiding other hosting services is very important. Just go to a registrar and have your domain registered.

If you think of getting a reseller hosting, do your homework and write down your plans about it and then prepare for thousands of hours of work. It won’t be easy, but it could earn you that nice Porsche you’ve always dreamed of.

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