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US Bank Non Resident Guide Release

Finally, I finished my first guide about how to open US Bank as non US resident, US Bank Non Resident. This guide totally my experience about opening US Bank as

ClickBank Indonesia Secret Release

Finally, I finished my E-book about ClickBank, ClickBank Indonesia Secret. This e-book in Bahasa Indonesia. I wrote it special for all of friends in Indonesia. I wrote it as a

I have a new iPhone 3G

Finally, I have a new phone from Apple, iPhone 3G 16GB black =) I was waiting for this phone. I am exciting so much to have iPhone. Since I can

TLA InLinks Officially Launched

MediaWhiz, owners of the text link marketplace Text Link Ads, has just released a new advertising product for those interested in selling text links on their blogs called just launched

Nokia Siemens Networks

Nokia, the Finnish telecom equipment giant, and Germany’s Siemens announced that they intend to merge the Networks Business Group of Nokia and the carrier-related operations of Siemens into a new

Theme Redesign

I was a little bit bored with my old theme, Braga. I feel that template it too complex. What’s wrong with my Braga? Actually, I really love that theme. Three

Home Sweat Home

Ini adalah cerita tentang pengalaman penulis saat liburan lebaran kemaren. Walaupun udah rada kelamaan tapi pengin cerita wae. Walaupun penulis tidak merayakan lebaran secara khusus, tapi penulis tetap ikutan tradisi

Official Seal Generator

Official Seal Generator allow you easily generate customised logos yourself. You can choose fonts, images, size, etc. Feel free to visit their official site 😉 Here is my logo 🙂

10 Besar Perusahaan Idaman 2006

10 Besar Perusahaan Idaman 2006 di Indonesia: Peringkat 1: PT Astra International Tbk. Peringkat 2: PT Unilever Indonesia Tbk. Tahu yang Karyawan Mau Peringkat 3: PT Bank Central Asia Tbk.

Welcome to My New WordPress

Welcome to my new WordPress. I have move my WordPress to my new server. This process need one day to completed. I learned somethings new from this process; moving hosting,