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First Time Home Loan

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There will be a time in your life when you would consider a first loan. A first time home loan is generally contracted by people wishing to buy a home, so getting your first loan will be an important step in your life.
In order to have your first time home loan you can consider FHA loans which will provide you with mortgage insurance. When it comes to a home loan the good thing about FHA loans is that you will only need to pay 3.5% down payment. In order to have your first loan and be qualified for an FHA loan, your credit history must be clean and you have to earn a certain income.

You can also resort to conventional loan products regarding your first loan. Thus these products may require low down payment (instead of the usual 20%). Another first time home loan solution is the piggyback loan. The catch is that your down payment and this loan are combined to reach the 20% conventional mortgage demands for. Getting your first loan thus can be easy if you know just how you can get one contracted very easily.

There is also another path for your first time home loan, private mortgage insurance. You must be aware of PMI when considering buying a house, for you may need it if you apply for low down payment mortgage. You will be able to have your first time home loan and this is usually necessary for mortgages with down payment that is less than 20%. What’s best about this is that if you have your mortgage paid reaching 20% home equity, you will be allowed by most lenders to have your insurance canceled. Always make sure to consider the odds before engaging into something like this.

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The Benefits of Being a Freelance Writer

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Next time you’re in Starbucks and you see the casually dressed guy in the corner typing away on his laptop and you’re wondering what exactly it is that he does for a living, i’m going to let you in on a little insider secret, he just might be a freelance writer.

Freelance writing is one occupation that gives you complete freedom and flexibility in your daily routine, most notably you choose which hours you work and can work from any location that you desire.

Picture this scenario, it’s a beautiful summers day and the sun is blazing, most people can only dream of strolling down the park to work. For a freelance writer this dream is a very real possibility.

Whatever your occupation, you will need certain tools to be able to do your job. For a freelance writer, you’ll need a laptop or netbook armed with word processing software. With netbooks available that weigh as little as just a few pounds, transporting your netbook to a location of your choice to get stuck into some work isn’t a difficult task.

As well as working from any location you want, Freelance writing allows you can also live wherever you want to. All you need is a PC with internet connection and you can connect with clients worldwide.

In the modern age you don’t always have to find clients to write for. You can actually publish written articles to your own blog in your specialist niche. This enables you to look for advertisers rather than clients. Providing your blog can capture peoples interest and you have a steady number of visitors there will always be companies who want to advertise on your blog.

Once you become an established blogger and expert in your niche, clients will be queuing up for you to write for them. There are not many occupations around where you can solely focus on something you enjoy, writing is one occupation where you can.

Freelance writing also enables you to be in control of how much you earn. Firstly you decide your rate, this could depend on many factors, such as the type of writing you do and clients that you write for. Secondly you can decide how many hours you want to work, some writers only have to work for 3-4 hours a day and choose to do so, others may choose to maximise their earnings by working 10+ hours per day. It all depends on your own personal preference.

Don’t think that Freelance writing is easy, it isn’t, particularly at first. You will find yourself working for below your true value to attract clients. As a freelancer you will experience the same worries that every self employed individual faces, such as no guaranteed pay check, no sick pay etc. However once you establish a yourself as an expert and gather a steady clientele, there are fewer occupations that are more rewarding than writing.

Top 9 Tips for Article Marketing Newbies

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Would you like a fast and easy way to get ahead of the competition? You need to find innovative strategies to market your products and give you that competitive advantage against your competitors. These two marketing tactics are relationship building and brand positioning. You can hit both of these with one shot with article marketing.

Article writing is easy if you have sufficient knowledge about the topic you’re writing about. Sometimes, however, it’s not just about knowledge of the product or the subject matter that’s important.

Anyone who ventures into something new, including article writing, should be aware of the things that are essential to the task he is about to venture into. An aspiring article marketing writer, for instance, should be guided by the following:

1. In Internet marketing, writing articles stems from need instead of desire. For your website to receive traffic, it needs to be indexed by the search engines. In order for the search engines to index your site, you need to have content. This is where writing articles come in.

2. A common dilemma in creating an article is where and how to start. Rather than lose time and sleep over it, just start writing down your ideas. Go over them then rearrange your ideas according to order of recurrence and anchor similar ideas together. Allow for smooth transitioning when expressing different ideas by connecting their relevance to each other.

3. Others think you don’t have to be perfect with your grammar but those who are more meticulous tend to disagree. An article writer must project expertise in the subject matter he writes about. While you can’t be perfect as an article writer, at least try to be grammatically correct.

4. Stay on the safe side by using your word processor’s spelling and grammar checker. However, don’t rely on it too much. Trust your own judgment. Grammar checkers are not always correct, so don’t take all the suggestions as true. If you’re in doubt, have someone, preferably a professional writer or editor, go over your work and make corrections.

5. Short but informative can have an advantage over the lengthy and wordy. However, if you can present your article in a free flowing manner, length is not going to matter to the interested reader. There are well-written reading materials that can leave you wanting for more. Why not aim for excellence and find out how these writers do it?

6. Get your articles published at the popular blog sites that enjoy quality page views. However, match the sites to your targeted audience to make sure you get the right responses. Submit your article to article directories so you can get more exposure from these free publishers and to those looking for free articles.

7. Show appreciation for those people who comment positively on your articles, and refrain from reacting to those who don’t. In fact, the reason why some people post negative comments is to make you feel bad. Be patient about these things. Don’t let negative feedback get you down; every writer has had his fair share of negative feedback.

8. It can happen that article directories and blog sites will reject your article. Take it in stride and take note of the reasons why your article was rejected. If you have no idea how to go about correcting your mistakes, ask help from someone with a greater degree of expertise.

9. Remember that you’re a newbie article marketer and it’s normal for newbies to fail. If you can’t accept failure, you should realize this early on that there’s no profession on the planet that can guarantee you a fail-free life.

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