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Text Ads Link Widget for WordPress Sidebar

Text Ads Link Widget for WordPress Sidebar is a WordPress Widgets which can be used to insert Text Ads Link code in your WordPress sidebar without knowing HTML. Just open

Dago Pakar WordPress Theme

Dago Pakar is three column Unsleepable based theme with sidebar – content – sidebar layout. Optimised for AdSense placement (inside content and sidebar). A modern theme with Widgets Sidebar. Thanks

Hot Dates Plugin for WordPress

Hot dates is a format the date of your posts into something that looks like a single page per day calendar. This plugin is inspirated by: Hot Dates with CSS

StatCounter for WordPress Admin

I developed this plugin based extensively on the works of Serge K. Keller for his plugin “StatCounter for WordPress”. StatCounter for WordPress Admin is a plugin that will add StatCounter?s

Adsense Clicks Tracker

There have been 3rd party javascripts that track adsense clicks out. I just found some articles about it. These following articles are about using Google Analytics to track adsense clicks.

Adsense Beautifier

Adsense beautifier is a plugin available for WordPress to make your Adsense look beautiful in order to increase you Adsense earnings. Images adjacent to ads can help increase click through

StatCounter Module for Drupal

StatCounter is a free yet reliable invisible web tracker, highly configurable hit counter and real-time detailed web stats. For more detail please visit StatCounter website. StatCounter Module adds the StatCounter

Krakal WordPress Theme

Well, after use some wordpress themes, I decide to create my own wordpress theme. Perhaps, it’s not a perfect theme. This is my first wordpress theme and I hope it’s

Gaim Guifications OSX Theme

What is Guifications? Guifications is a Gaim plugin that displays msn style “toaster” popups in a user defined corner of the screen. It’s highly configurable, easy to use, and has