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Tips You Should Know About Website Hosting

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If you have a website that you just finished building up, then you surely would like to have it hosted on the internet.

Fortunately nowadays website hosting is very cheap and there are plenty of companies you can choose from. You will have all of your information stored on a server you will personally choose and if you choose for a dedicated unmanageable server, you will have full control of that server and also your info which will be hosted on it. But this can cost you some pretty big money, so it’d best for you to check your needs first.

Connecting to a server is very simple, it’s basically the same process when the internet company which’s service you just acquired, sends out a team to come at your place and install you that service. But you won’t need any more cables now, just a quick connection wizard and everything will be set up just fine.

If you are a webmaster in search for a good web hosting directory then you should know this is no big task to wrack your brain around it. There are hundreds of companies offering their services specifically for your personal plans. Thus, there are many webhosting packages available for each potential client.

Prices depend again, on the website hosting plans you are interested in. They can vary from as low as 1$ and up to 60 $ per month or even more. If you would like to not pay a dime for this service, you will be glad when you’ll find out that there are also free hosting services where you can host your information on. But they come at the expense of letting ads and banners appear on your webpage, which for many is annoying.

Don’t ask big questions like “which is the best hosting service available?” for again, you will have to look at your needs. After checking thoroughly, try pairing it with a little online research and you will have the answers you need about every doubt or question you may have.

Finding a good webhosting provider is just a simple three step procedure: check your needs, do a little online research and then acquire the services.

Everything You Need to know About Web Hosting

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Webhosting is a service that allows people to get their content accessible to the World Wide Web. There are a multitude of companies available today if you ever decide to make this step. Your information will be hosted on a server which, kind of resembles a normal PC, but it is actually way more powerful than one.

To connect to a server is very simple, as your computer has a unique IP address making it unique on the internet, the same analogy can be applied to a server as well. If it is easier for you, think about a server as a big warehouse that can be opened with unique keys. Renting space on it is just as renting an apartment in reality. The same rules are applied.

There is a variety of website hosting plans out there and you just have to think about the perfect one for your needs. They may include guest book, community networking functions and many more.

Prices again, depend on your needs. Web Hosting can be a great reason to smile in midday when you don’t have to pay for your space. There are a lot of websites out there which offer free website hosting but at the cost of adding commercial items like ads, banners, and so on. This can be very annoying to some users, but if you pay a certain fee they can be removed. But if your site is successful then you can get your own domain name and get rid of them forever.

If you are wondering which is the best web hosting service available at the moment, this will probably again have to pass through your “needs” filter. You can do a little research on the internet, access specialized forums and see what the community has to say about certain company names you will have thought of beforehand. Some companies also have forums where clients can let a comment regarding its services’ quality and thus it will be easier for you to choose.

Webhosting is available today from a lot of companies and they have competitive prices that are fit for everyone’s needs. A little look on your personal needs for acquiring such a service plus a little research will have you the perfect formula for your satisfaction. And who said success doesn’t have a recipe?

5 reasons why you need a live chat agent for your website

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A live chat agent is someone who is available on your website to speak to visitors instantly via an instant message interface. A live chat agent could be you or someone who works for your business (you would need to set up live chat software) or a freelancer who you outsource the task to. This articles discusses 5 reasons why you should have a live chat agent on your website.

Time is critical

More often than not if you’re interested in buying a product or service you will need to ask a question before making the purchase. In brick and mortar stores, retails advisers are common place. You can find these advisors hovering around the store answering questions from customers who require some sort of confirmation on something before completing a purchase.

Online customers are no different from those offline. Despite the fact your website is likely to contain a thoroughly well thought out FAQ (Frequently asked questions) section, it is realistically impossible to cover bases for every possible permutation of question that your customer could ask about the products or services that you supply. Online businesses regularly lose customers because their website doesn’t answer all of the questions that potential buyers have.

A live chat agent enables you to communicate with your customers instantly. By having a live chat agent present on your site, you will be able to answer any queries straight away. No most lost business because your customer has a question to ask that isn’t answered in your FAQ. Without live support your customer may move onto the next website and purchase from them.


If a customer poses a question to you via e-mail there will always be a certain amount of waiting time between correspondence. If one question sparks another, which is very feasible, then the smallest of conversations can easily spread into hours rather than minutes. A live chat agent will enable simple questions to be answered instantly rather than protracting over hours in e-mails. Generally responding to a live query is far more convenient than opening and closing emails.

The customer experience

Having a live chat agent on your website provides your customer with a far superior customer experience. Live chat agents will often greet the customer on arrival to your website and ask them if they require any assistance. Even if the customers isn’t interested, just the presence of a live chat agent makes your business appear more professional and legitimate.

Enables you support team to focus on more tasks

Live chat support is less time consuming than providing e-mail support. By using a live chat agent you free up time that is usually taken responding to customer e-mails to focus on other tasks such as growing your business.

You can push customers into purchasing the items that you want them to buy

Imagine the extra income you could make if you had a sales person available to talk to every visitor of your website. A live chat agent makes this a possibility. A good sales person can persuade a customer to make a certain concious decision about their purchase, therefore ensuring your customers are exposed to the products that you want to sell them.

How to Make Free Website in 2 Min

in Article/Blogging/Fun/Internet/Review by, an online provider of unique free Flash templates and a sophisticated free website builder that allows for easy and independent creation of personalized Flash websites.Using Wix anyone can create is own website , using an online drag n drop builder, and its totaly free.

Wix builder is suit to a wide range of categories from Music , photgraphy, business, real easte, food and more.

Its so simple to sign up, log in, create a template, design it, and then publish! DONE.

Wix is an interactive website full of great tools to help you design. Wix will allow you to make a free flash web site for your Business or Personal use without knowledge of Macromedia Flash or the Macromedia Flash program.

Wix is an online application to make websites, Free MySpace Layouts, Widgets, Newsletters, Banners, Flyers. Wix offers you a simple powerful platform to make flash website templates and more. You can build a website even if you don’t know anything about design or programming.


  • No downloads or programming needed
  • Creating a website with Wix is free
  • Wix is the simpler, faster, better way to create stunning web content
  • It’s easy to create in online user friendly drag and drop editor.
  • It’s easy to promote because all Wix website are search engines friendly.

Check out Wix and tell us what you think! – Web Hosting Rating

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Are you searching for a best place for hosting your website? Today with so many web hosting providers cropping up everywhere, it can sometime be a very difficult task to find the best web hosting provider which is just right for you. There are so many different opportunities from all over the world and understanding the best solution isn’t simple. is a professional and leading web that introduces all kinds of website hosting for different uses. You can find all the styles of top 10 webs hosting that are popular all over the world. The reviews of webhosts are featured in a nice and easy-to-read format that allows you to automatically find what you’re looking for. Not only do they provide reviews and features of the best webhosts on the net, but they also have a lot of web hosting tutorials that provide a lot of extensive information to someone just starting out with their first website. They have tons of articles related to cPanel, eCommerce, scripting, and dedicated hosting.

WebHostingRating has a very interesting web hosting tutorials sections that can help you to make a right choice. You can find great articles related to cold fusion hosting, secure multiple domains, tips for choosing a domains and many more. Anyways, make sure you head over to and I’m sure they can help you find the right hosting package to meet your needs. – Web Hosting Geeks

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Are you looking for the best web hosting deals on the internet? It’s not easy looking around for the best web hosting deals. Web hosting industry is getting getting more popular in the market. There are many web hosting companies that offer different kinds of web hosting service from shared hosting to dedicated server. Each web hosting service has different benefits.

Before you purchase a hosting plan from one of many web hosting companies on the web, one of the first things you should do is to know more about the company and their services. One way of doing this is by reading customer reviews regarding these hosting providers.Just look at what you will get with these amazing offers when you sign up through is changing all of that. They provide you with a list of the top website hosting companies and what they offer so you can make an informed and responsible decision about the hosting company that is right for you. What they’ve done on is made the web hosting search easier for you. On you will find the best web hosting deals on the internet in order from 1 to 10. You will also find stacks of handy tips and ideas on your hosting. Please head to to find out more on web hosting services.

Super Green Hosting – Environmentally Friendly Hosting

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Super Green Hosting is on a mission to provide users with the most enviromentally friendly solution to web hosting without compromising performance, reliability and features.

Being green means that the daily activities of a service provider or product manufacturing company do not in any way harm the environment.

Super Green Hosting are a very exciting hosting company who offer low priced, unlimited hosting, with a large focus on the environment. Their unique angle of helping to protect the environment by offering green web hosting is very encouraging, and we hope to see lots more of the top web hosts in the industry following suit.


Being “Green”, is the big feature which stands out, but Super Green also offer all the same high spec of features you expect from a top host.
Every Super Green hosting customer receives the following features and services:

  • Professional Green Hosting
  • Energy Efficient Servers
  • 100% Carbon Neutral Friendly
  • Use #1 Control Panel – cPanel
  • Unlimited Hosting Space
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Unlimited Email Accounts
  • Unlimited MySQL Databases


Super Green Hosting have not let us down in terms of uptime and reliability. Using similar servers to some of our very top web hosts on this website, Super Green Hosting boast a 99.9% uptime guarantee which we think is easily achievable for the foreseeable future.

Customer Support

Once again, Super Green Hosting don’t disappoint in the support section. With an extensive help desk system, many tutorials including video tutorials, a toll-free phone number which is manned 24/7 and, from our tests, all queries are answered and resolved within 5-10 minutes!

Control Panel

Super Green Hosting use our favourite control panel – cPanel. We found their version of this control panel easy to use with a friendly user-interface, and also very quick with page loading times.

Price Value

When you sign up for the service, you will get the domain transfer for free if the domain is something that you already own. On the other hand, if you do not already own a domain, the domain registration will be included as part of the web hosting package that you will order. The price of getting the Super Green Unlimited package starts at $4.95 and up, depending on the length of contract. The monthly fee matches the ones offered by typical web hosting companies which do not have a green operation, so you might as well get the best value for your money while helping save the environment as well.

Neutralize your website’s carbon footprint today,

Lingo VoIP Internet Phone Service Provider

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Lingo is one of the largest VoIP providers in the world. Lingo is a pioneer in the VoIP arena, but more important is its outstanding pricing.

For $19.95 a month, you get unlimited calling to the U.S., Canada, and Western Europe (except for Iceland and Greece). And if you call Asia frequently, take heart: Lingo also offers an Unlimited Asia plan for $34.95 a month.

With VoIP providers fighting for market share amidst increasingly stiff competition, Lingo has emerged as a leading alternative to the more well known VoIP providers. Its growing popularity is due not only to the many call features it offers, but also the most important feature, price.


Lingo includes a full range of features available through traditional phone providers, plus some unique features. Voicemail, Caller ID With Name, Call Forwarding, Speed Dial, 3-Way Calling, and other traditional services are included free.

In addition, Lingo includes some advanced features such as Simultaneous Ring (incoming calls ring on all of your phones), Caller ID Blocking, and Do Not Disturb. As far as phone numbers are concerned, you can transfer your existing phone number to Lingo without any interruption of service. You can also add additional phone numbers to your plan for a low cost. These numbers can be located in any area code or even in one of 16 international countries.

Besides the standard VOIP Phone features, you will also get,

  • FREE unlimited calling to other In-Network Lingo subscribers
  • Local Number Portability so you can keep your existing phone number
  • Lingo Phone Adapter/ Lingo Router (Linksys Adapter given away to you for FREE)

If you’re thinking about switching to VoIP, try Lingo today. Get 1 Month Free Plus Free Activation with Lingo

Happy talking!

Blaze Media Pro

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Blaze Media Pro is a complete solution for your audio and video collection. It can play a variety of popular audio and video formats, so there is no need to keep different players for music and for movies on your system anymore.

Blaze Media Deluxe includes an audio and video converter, audio editing and video editing, video capture, audio recorder, data CD/DVD burner, video encoder, audio CD burner, Video CD (VCD/SVCD) burner, MOV converter, audio CD copy, effects, media management, playlist, full-screen video support, and more all-in-one software application!

Supported conversions include: CD, MP3, MP2, WMA, OGG, WAV, AIF, VOX, MPC, G.72x, AU, RAW to MP3/WMA/OGG/WAV; CD burning from WAV/MP3/WMA/OGG, WAV and MP3 Compression, and two-way conversions among MPEG-1, MPEG-2, AVI, WMV, Multi-Page TIFF, and FLIC.

The program can also record audio, edit ID3 tags, rip Audio CDs, merge audio files (even those that are in different formats), download information about albums from CDDB, search for lyrics. Its audio editor is able to apply different effects to your music, like echo, chorus, reverb, fade in, fade out etc.

Video processing capabilities are also impressive. Blaze Media Pro can capture video from available video devices (for example, from a TV tuner or a webcam), rip DVD movies, create videos from pictures or photos, decompile videos, extract audio from movies. The built-in video editor can be used to split or join video files, adjust color settings of a video file, apply a number of configurable video effects. Blaze Media Pro supports AVI, WMV, ASF, MPG (MPEG-1 and MPEG-2) video formats.

After you process your audio and video files, you may want to burn them to a CD or DVD. You can use Blaze Media Pro DVD software. Blaze Media Pro has a built-in CD/DVD burning tool that supports all popular CD and DVD formats: Audio CD, Video CD (including VCD and SVCD formats), Video DVD, Data CD/DVD.

Google Chrome Beta is Available

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Google announced the launch of its browser yesterday. Today, it available for download to all. You can download the Google Chrome Beta for Windows Operating System from here.

Installation was pretty easy. Click “Download”, Agree to TOS, and then, wait for few moments to get it installed.

For Mac and Linux users, you can sign up on the download page to learn when the Mac and Linux versions are available.

Have a great day!

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