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How to Protect Your Data with an Online Backup Solution

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If you run your own business then it is absolutely essential that you back up the contents of your PC / network. Even if you’re using your PC socially, you should still be looking to back up files. Your hard drive or server (if you’re running a network) stores all of your data, operating system, your software applications and your personal files.

If you’re running a small home based business then you’re probably operating a PC rather than a bunch of networks on a PC, if this is the case they you have to be aware of the possibility of hard drive failure.

With the amount of Malware circulating online reaching an all time high, virus’ are the most common cause of hard drive failure. If your hard disc on your PC or server become infected then you can lose data. Every should set up restore points (a previous state to retrieve your data).

If you’re running your business from a single PC or laptop, it isn’t difficult to back up your data. You can purchase an external hard drive relatively cheaply, which you can copy data over to. Alternatively, software can automate the back up process.

However the problem with backing up with an external hard drive is that the hard drive is still going to be physically located in the same place as your PC or Laptop. So, while this will cover you in a situation where the PC or laptop breaks down, in some disaster cases, such as fire or burglary, this form of back up is worthless.

Some Online companies offer back up, which is automated for one or several machines. Online back ups offer all of the features you could desire, such as continuous back ups, back ups of mapped or external drives, versioning (the ability to restore several versions) and top notch security / encryption.

The good point about Online back up is not only that you don’t have to worry about making the back ups yourself, but also that the backed up data is stored in another location on someone else’s facility. The means that in worst case scenario, at least you have the peace of mind that your data is going to be safe.

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How to Change Your ClickBank Password

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When you join to ClickBank, you can not create your own password.

For security purposes, ClickBank will generate a password for you. Your password is case-sensitive and must be entered in all upper case letters.

IMHO, ClickBank password is strong but hard to remember. In past, you could not change your ClickBank password. Therefore, I need to take note the password and save it in the safety place =)

Many client’s ClickBank have requested the ability to change their ClickBank password. Hmm… me too 🙂

A good news is, ClickBank now added the ability to create our own password. While ClickBank still assigns our initial account password, we can now change our password on the “My Account” page.

Resetting a Forgotten Password

If you have forgotten your password, or would simply like to change it to another password generated by ClickBank, please use the following steps to access your account:

  1. At the ClickBank login page, click the Forgot your password? link. You will be asked to enter your account nickname and the email address currently listed in your ClickBank account (if you do not have access to the email address you registered with please see the information below).
  2. Click Continue to step 2 – a confirmation code is automatically generated and e-mailed to you from notify[at]
  3. Retrieve the confirmation code, click on the link provided in the email, and enter the code where indicated.
  4. After you click Finish, your new password is confirmed.

Creating Your Own Password

If you would like to set your own password, you must first be logged in to your ClickBank account. Go to the My Account page, located under the Account Settings tab.

On this page, locate the Account Information box, and click the link that says Change Password. Please note that your new password must contain the following characters:

  • 2 upper-case letters (e.g., A, B, C, D…)
  • 2 lower-case letters (e.g., a, b, c, d…)
  • 2 numbers (e.g., 1, 2, 3, 4…)
  • 2 special characters (e.g., !, @, #, $…)

Due to these requirements, your password must be at least 8 characters long, and can be up to 20 characters. Make sure you can remember your password, or write it down somewhere, as ClickBank employees do not have access to your password. If you forget your self-created password, you will need to go through the process detailed above to reset your password.

When you have finished entering your new password, click Change to save your password. After successfully changing your password, you will need to log in again using your new password.

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[Source: ClickBank Password]

How to Change The Font Face of The Text in AdSense Ad Units

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Now, you can now change the font face of the text in ad units on pages in Latin-character languages. Adsense just announce a new feature, Fontastic new options for your ad units.

You can choose between Arial, Times, and Verdana font faces. Please note that while font options will appear in every account, they’ll currently only be applied to ad units on pages primarily in Latin-based characters.

How do I select a new font for my ads?

There are two ways to set custom fonts: across your entire account for all AdSense for content units, or for individual ad units.

To set a custom font as the default for all your AdSense for content units:

  1. Sign in to your account.
  2. Visit your My Account tab.
  3. In the Ad Display Preference section, click edit.
  4. From the drop-down, choose your preferred font and save your changes.

The font settings will be reflected in all your AdSense for content ad units shortly.

To set custom fonts for individual ad units:

If you’re creating a new ad unit, you can choose a custom font while generating your ad code. Alternatively, you can update the font for an existing ad unit, by editing that ad unit through the Manage Ads page.

  1. Sign in to your account.
  2. Visit your AdSense Setup tab.
  3. If you’re making a new ad unit, choose AdSense for content as the product and continue to modify your settings. If you’re editing an existing ad unit, visit the Manage Ads page and choose your desired AdSense unit.
  4. In the Fonts drop-down, choose whichever font you would prefer.
  5. Make any other changes to your ad unit and save. If you’re creating a new ad unit, your font settings will be visible wherever you add the code for that unit. If you’re editing a saved ad unit, font changes will be visible on your pages in a few moments.

Please note that if you customize the font settings of an individual ad unit, changes you make to your account-wide default font settings will not be applied to that ad unit.

If you’d like to quickly change the font settings for every ad unit generated from your account, visit the “Ad Display Preference” section of your Account Settings page to select a new account-wide font face. This will affect all units you’ve created in the past, regardless of whether you used the Manage Ads feature. By default, your ads are currently set to “Standard AdSense font family”.

Have a great day!

Yahoo! Mail Plus with Evolution

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These instructions are for adding Yahoo! Mail Plus account in Evolution. It will help you to configure your Evolution email client to connect to your Yahoo! Mail Plus account via POP.

Yahoo! Mail Plus allow you to have more control and freedom over your email. Some of the features of Yahoo! Mail Plus are increased storage, better SPAM protection, no graphical advertisement ads, more capacity, larger attachments, and mail forwarding. You can also check your email from a mobile phone. In addition, another great feature is mail forwarding and offline access with POP.

Before we start you have to pay for a Yahoo! Mail Plus account in order to pop3 it with Evolution or any other e-mail tool.

Here we go:

  1. Open Evolution and click EDIT -> PREFERENCES from the menu.
  2. On the left, ensure MAIL ACCOUNTS is high-lighted. Click ADD.
  3. Click FORWARD.
  4. Enter your personal information here. You don’t have to enter your full name if you don’t want your full name to appear in outgoing mail. Click Forward when finished.
  5. Select POP for Server Type.
    • Now add the following for RECEIVING EMAIL (heading at top of the window)
    • SERVER: (Notice port number at the end)
    • Username: your Yahoo! username WITHOUT
    • Use Secure Connection: SSL Encryption
    • Authentication Type: PASSWORD
    • Remember Password: Checked (optional)
  6. Click FORWARD button.
  7. Set the next options to your liking. I place a check mark in the first box and have my yahoo! e-mail checked every 1 minute. That’s the only setting chance I make on this window.
  8. Click FORWARD.
    • Now add the following for SENDING EMAIL (heading at top of the window)
    • Server Type: SMTP
    • SERVER: (Notice port number at the end)
    • Server requires authentication: Check this box
    • Use Secure Connection: SSL Encryption
    • Authentication: Plain
    • Username: your username WITHOUT the
  9. Click FORWARD.
  10. Enter a name for this setup.
  11. Click apply and your done.

That’s all and good luck!

Sshd on Windows

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This is a simple tutorial how to run the OpenSSH SSHD server on Windows using Cygwin.

SSH is typically used to log into a remote machine and execute commands, but it also supports tunneling, forwarding arbitrary TCP ports and X11 connections; it can transfer files using the associated SFTP or SCP protocols. SSH uses the client-server protocol.

OpenSSH (SSH1 and SSH2 protocol) with Cygwin can run on Windows, which can be either built from source or installed as a Cygwin native package.

Here we go…

First, we need to install the following Cygwin packages (cygrunsrv and openssh)

Admin --> cygrunsrv
Net --> openssh

Next, open a new bash shell window and run the SSH configure stuff.

ssh-host-config -y

This step will create necessary configuration files, a privilege separation user and necessary directories.

When prompted with “CYGWIN=” type for following:

tty ntsec

Now you are ready to start the service

cygrunsrv -S sshd

Give a try to connect to your ssh server (localhost) with your favorite ssh client, such as PuTTY, Xshell, etc.

That’s it and gud lak!

Ubuntu Cheat Sheet

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FOSSwire have posted a PDF “Ubuntu Cheat Sheet,” covering the basic terminal commands one might have to use and, just as importantly, naming important programs and packages.

With “Ubuntu Cheat Sheet”, you don’t end up deleting or messing with something that’ll cause headaches down the line.

You can learn how to use Ubuntu with command line 😉

Ubuntu Cheat Sheet [FOSSwire]

Yahoo Messenger Invisible Hack

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Yahoo Messenger has been one of the most oldest and popular instant messaging provide by Yahoo!. Yahoo Messenger provides several features for its users such as make calls, send smses, send files, play games, listen to radio, share photos and of course chat.

One of the most popular in-built features of Yahoo is to log in invisible mode.

Sometimes some of your friends who appear “offline” in Yahoo Messenger may not be actually offline, they may in the ‘Invisible’ mode. This maybe if they are trying to ignore you or are too busy to talk to anyone.

It helps many to maintain privacy while at work or just to avoid some people. But like everything popular has its demerits, this invisible mode of Yahoo too has problems.

What is Yahoo Messenger Invisible Hack?

Yahoo Messenger invisible hack is any of several methods people can employ to obtain the true connection status of users on the Yahoo IM network even when they are in hidden status mode.

This makes other people know that you are there online, even if you are logged in through invisible mode.

The two primary Yahoo Messenger Invisible Hack methods are:

  • Installing an unauthorized third-party software application that probes the Yahoo IM network
  • Using Yahoo IM to initiate a shared application such as voice chat or conference with the other person and determine their status based on the connection messages that result. (This method varies in effectiveness depending on which version of the Yahoo IM client users run.)

Who does Yahoo Messenger Invisible Hack?

Friends and family may need to use Yahoo Messenger invisible hacks in emergency situations. Spammers and hackers may also try Yahoo Messenger invisible hacks to send you unsolicited messages or attempt to break into your computer.

How to prevent Yahoo Messenger Invisible Hack?

To protect yourself against Yahoo Messenger invisible hacks, you can do these following methods

  • Ensure your IM client is upgraded to the latest stable version. Get the latest Yahoo! Messenger here.
  • Enable normal security features on your computer and home network.

Source: What Is A Yahoo Messenger Invisible Hack?

Adjust Thumbnail Size in WordPress 2.5

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Here is a simple guide how to change the default size of the thumbnails that WordPress 2.5 creates when you upload an image.

Unlike all previous version, WordPress 2.5 has a very handy new feature. It lets you specify custom thumbnail size for your uploaded images.

To adjust the thumbnail size to your liking, go to Settings > Miscellaneous and change the thumbnail width and height under Image sizes section. Let’s set the width and height to 100×100 for this example.

Also, make sure the Crop to size option is selected, and confirm the changes.

(With Crop to size checked, you don’t have to worry about what size your original image is. It will be adjusted to fit your specified size)

That’s an easy way, right? Gud lak!

How to Archive ALL Your Gmail Messages

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Depending on your email habits you might also have a problem with maintaining such a big inbox. However, it would be near impossible to clean up an inbox with 50,000 unread entries.

Now the drastic approach here is move everything away from sight, into Archive view. This way, nothing is deleted, and You can still search for your messages by keyword.

Here’s a simple way to doing this.

First, select all the messages currently on-screen by clicking the “All” selection option either above or below the message list.

Gmail Archive 1

Gmail will now tick the checkbox on all the messages currently on screen. However, you might still have thousands not covered by the current view. Gmail will ask you if you want to select all the conversations, including those out of view.

Gmail Archive 2

Click the link, and Gmail will now select everything, including message threads outside of the current screen.

Gmail Archive

Next step would be to click the “Archive” button to send all the selected conversations outside of “Inbox view.”

You can repeat the sequence regularly for maintenance, or whenever you get overwhelmed by thousands of messages in your inbox.

Gud lak! 😀

Withdraw PayPal Indonesia to US Bank

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Here is my report how I can withdraw money from Paypal Indonesia to my US Bank account.

You can find a step by step how to open US Bank account as a non resident specially for Indonesian on IndoUSBank.

For more information about that US Bank account please contact me or you can visit IndoUSBank.

Here we go…

First, I can withdraw my money to my US Bank

PayPal Withdraw to US Bank

Here is the review process

PayPal Withdraw to US Bank Review

Here is the confirmation

PayPal Withdraw to US Bank Confirmation

Finally, this is my PayPal history

PayPal Withdraw to US Bank PayPal History

This process do not finish yet. My money need 3-4 business days to arrive from PayPal to my US Bank. I will let you know when I get my money in my US Bank.

You can view this process (video) at Withdraw PayPal ke Accent Banking.

Have a great day and gud lak!

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