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How to Change Your ClickBank Password

When you join to ClickBank, you can not create your own password. For security purposes, ClickBank will generate a password for you. Your password is case-sensitive and must be entered

Yahoo! Mail Plus with Evolution

These instructions are for adding Yahoo! Mail Plus account in Evolution. It will help you to configure your Evolution email client to connect to your Yahoo! Mail Plus account via

Sshd on Windows

This is a simple tutorial how to run the OpenSSH SSHD server on Windows using Cygwin. SSH is typically used to log into a remote machine and execute commands, but

Ubuntu Cheat Sheet

FOSSwire have posted a PDF “Ubuntu Cheat Sheet,” covering the basic terminal commands one might have to use and, just as importantly, naming important programs and packages. With “Ubuntu Cheat

Yahoo Messenger Invisible Hack

Yahoo Messenger has been one of the most oldest and popular instant messaging provide by Yahoo!. Yahoo Messenger provides several features for its users such as make calls, send smses,

Adjust Thumbnail Size in WordPress 2.5

Here is a simple guide how to change the default size of the thumbnails that WordPress 2.5 creates when you upload an image. Unlike all previous version, WordPress 2.5 has

How to Archive ALL Your Gmail Messages

Depending on your email habits you might also have a problem with maintaining such a big inbox. However, it would be near impossible to clean up an inbox with 50,000