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Direct Mail Marketing

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Direct Marketing is a form of marketing that attempts to send its messages directly to consumers, using “addressable” media such as mail and email. Therefore, direct marketing differs from regular advertising in that it does not place its messages on a third party medium, or in the public market, such as a billboard or a radio commercial would. Instead, the marketing of the service or commodity is addressed directly to the target customer. Source:

Direct mail permits the marketer to design marketing pieces in many different formats. Some of the common formats, include: catalogs, self-mailers, poly packages, postcards, envelope mailers, snap mailers, dimensional mailers, and intelligent documents.

Advantages of direct mail marketing:

  • Targeting – Historically, the most important aspect of direct mail was its ability to precisely target previous customers. If a suitable list was available, it also did a good job of targeting prospects. However, with the arrival of Email and the use of cookies on websites, organizations could have a dialogue with their customers via the internet far more cheaply and easily.
  • Personalization – Direct mail can address the customer personally and be tailored to their needs based on previous transactions and gathered data.
  • Optimization – Because of its direct accountability, direct mail can be tested to find the best list; the best offer; the best timing (and many other factors). Then the winning tests can be rolled out to a wider audience for optimal results.
  • Accumulation – Responses (and non-responses) can be added to the database, allowing future mailings to be better targeted.

Disadvantages of direct mail marketing:

  • Cost – The cost per thousand will be higher than almost any other form of mass promotion (although the wastage rate may be much lower).
  • Waste – Large quantities of paper are thrown away (see below).
  • Alienation – Some recipients resent direct marketing being “forced” upon them, and boycott companies that do so. Moreover, they may obtain Prohibitory Orders against companies whose direct marketing mail they find offensive.

Here are several direct mail marketing tips to ensure that you get the right message to the right target–in the right way:

  • Give a free gift to increase response
  • Make your offer easy to respond to
  • Hire a professional copywriter for your content
  • Have your direct mail reviewed by an objective third party
  • Keep track of target recipients, replies and follow-up
  • Mail frequently to a smaller subset of your list

You can do direct marketing your self or you can hire a professional, such as Red Clay Media. Red Clay Media provides full-service, integrated direct marketing solutions to businesses of all sizes. They offer targeted and customized mailing lists to all their clients. They recompile their mailing lists and use customer analysis, segmentation and response modeling techniques to ensure higher responses for all your mailing campaigns.

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