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If you are just beginning blogger or are an old pro that using wordpress, you should know about PHP code. As we know, WordPress using PHP languages to build its blog platform.

You do not have to be an expert but you should know what you should to do if you want to make a little tweak for your theme, make your own plugin, or if something wrong happen with your wordpress blog.

You can start to join a web development such as Dream.In.Code, a web development forum that aside from web design, graphics, languages, you can also learn other programming languages like PHP.

Dream.In.Code offers you as visitors free programming magazines including Dr. Dobbs and Queue, as well as free t-shirts to any member with 500+ posts. You can also participate in a monthly drawing for a 1GB Thumb Drive.

  • aku ga bisa php loh.. Makanya heran kan bisa punya blog dihost sendiri.. =P

  • Waa punya bakat alami dunk. Jagoan nich… 😉 hehehe…