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PayPerPost has been one of the most controversial startups in the past couple of years, with critics proclaiming that they are polluting the blogosphere, and giving the whole internet a black eye. While the morality of PayPerPost has been debated over and over again, the one thing that hasn?t been brought up is the brilliance in marketing by PayPerPost. PayPerPost gives a big opportunity both bloggers and Advertisers.

The new segmentation system at Payperpost rewards bloggers with high traffic blogs for make money blogging. The highest paying blog opportunities now pay up to $1000 for a single sponsored post. Each blogger can instantly see the opportunities available to the because they have been prescreened according to your blogs’ page rank, Alexa rank and the traffic the blog receives. In other side, sdvertisers who place extra restrictions on the opportunities they offer.

Bloggers now receive a reasonable variety of posting opportunities. Newer bloggers are still qualified to make money from their blogs as they grow. The first assignment for a blogger who joins through that link will be to review – and link back to – the blogger who recruited them. These backlinks will be a very valuable blog marketing tool for bloggers who want to build up their blog popularity.

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