Earth Hour – A green Initiative

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For increasing the awareness about the conservation of energy and global warming a green initiative has been kept forward all over the world known as Earth Hour. From the last few years every individual cities in every nation have decided a power saving hour during which they shut off all the unnecessary lights and equipment.

In 2007 Sydney of Australia was the first to start the Earth Hour by switching off the lights for one hour. Nearly 2.2 million peoples and about 2000 businesses took part in the Earth Hour. It took just a Year to spread the Earth hour globally with the participation of 50 million peoples from across 35 countries. In this hour the whole Earth stood in complete darkness.

The third Earth hour was conducted in March 2009 when 4000 cities of over 88 countries took part in it for giving a pledge in the support of their planet Earth. This was considered as the world’s biggest climate change initiative. The biggest Earth hour ever in the history was on Saturday 27 March, 2010 when 128 countries took part for the welfare of their planet. All the buildings starting from Asia Pacific to Europe as well as from Africa to America stood in complete darkness giving a standing ovation to the Earth hour.In 2011 the Earth hour was held on Saturday 26 March at night 8.30 pm.

This Earth hour is organized every year by WWF. It is one of the world’s biggest organizations which have spread its network around more than 100 countries and territories with more than 5 million supporters from all over the globe. The only goal of this organization is to develop a peaceful place to live in harmony for the people by putting an end to the degradation of Earth’s natural environment.

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