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Google AdSense Adds Western Union Option to additional Countries

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Google had announced that they have expanded Western Union payment to the following five countries, Bulgaria, Egypt, Lithuania, Morocco, and Taiwan.

Western Union payments are also currently available in other countries, including Argentina, Chile, China (Mainland), Colombia, Malaysia, Pakistan, Peru, Philippines and Romania.

If you’re located in one of these countries, you’ll be able to pick up your AdSense payments in cash at your local Western Union agent. This payment method is free, and you’ll no longer need to wait for checks to arrive in the mail or to clear at the bank.

Please keep in mind that in order to pick up your payment, you’ll need to present a government-issued ID that matches your AdSense payee name. If you need to update or correct the payee name listed in your account, please fill out our online form. In addition, we’d like to note that payments by Western Union Quick Cash are only available to individual payee names, but not to businesses.

Well, there are a lot of Western Union agent in Indonesia. But unfortunately, Western Union payment is still not available for us, Indonesian. Hopefully next expansion, Indonesia will be include to the countries that can use Western Union for Adsense payment =)

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