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How To Turn off Post Preview in 2.1

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WordPress 2.1 has a cool feature such as the post preview. When you save a post or edit a post down at the bottom of the post page you are presented with a preview of your post.

This preview shows the whole page (not just the post text), logo, navigation, everything that is on the main page.

This feature is very useful to preview your post before you publish it. I really like this feature but I don’t always want to use it. However, the thing is with that, my bandwidth has soared considerably. Is there anyway to turn this preview option off ?

Yes, you can turning off post preview feature.

Just open the wp-admin/post.php file and delete these lines (located near line #70 – #73 in WP 2.1):

<div id='preview' class='wrap'>
<h2 id="preview-post"><?php 
_e('Post Preview (updated when post is saved)'); ?></h2>
<iframe src="<?php 
echo attribute_escape(apply_filters('preview_post_link', 
add_query_arg('preview', 'true', 
get_permalink($post->ID)))); ?>"
width="100%" height="600" ></iframe>

Doing so will save bandwidth, load time, processing time, etc.

Have a great day and gud lak!


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