How to view CHM files on Ubuntu Dapper

There are many computer books come with CHM format. I like the ability to read these files under my Ubuntu Dapper.

Gnochm is a CHM file viewer. It is designed to integrate nicely with Gnome. Gnochm has some really nice features for viewing chm files.



Gnochm View

Gnochm View

Gnochm Applications Menu

Gnochm Applications Menu

Gnochm Engage

Gnochm Engage

Installing Gnochm

sudo apt-get install gnochm

Simply click on the Applications menu in the Accessories section to start Gnochm and open your chm files.

😀 Have a great day and gud lak!

  • ZehRique

    Nice tool, man.
    Just now that I’m being forced to read CHM files on Windows 2003 Server hosted at the office. Duh!
    Better reading them here at Ubuntu. 😛

  • dharmesh

    Thanks a lot for the tip 🙂 was really a great help as I am new to ubuntu.The official ubuntu book required a chm reader. With your tip I got the Chm reader for ubuntu and will now embark on the “so-much-talked-about-and-is-so-very-exciting” journey of Ubuntu. Thanks once again.

  • thanks

    Thank you! It worked

  • Dharmesh

    Thanks a lot for CHM reader

  • What is the differences between Gnochm and the xchm, which one is better in term of features or functionality?

  • Shakry

    Thanks a lot! I use Ubuntu 7.04 Feisty Fawn and GnoCHM is a very good tool to view .chm files. I tried xchm, but it is not so good suitable for russian .chm files, actually I had many problems using xchm. GnoCHM makes reading .chm files simple! I need only to install it.

  • Phong Ng.

    Thanks so much for your instruction.
    It does work well.

  • wanbin910

    sory! where can i find gnochm to download? please tell me! thank in advance.

  • rahnama

    Thanks it worked very well

  • I have been having hard times viewing chm files in ubuntu but now I can view hundreds of my ebooks all thanks to you.

  • Sherif

    Thanks a lot for the tip, I am replacing windows vista a bit by bit now and linux continues to impress me every day!

  • Optimus

    Thanks a lot.

  • rahnama

    Thanks alot

  • sree

    worked well..thanks

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  • vijay

    thanks a lot!! i’m using ubuntu interpid ibex and it works in that too. gnochm is lot better than x chm

  • JD

    Thanks mate, worked a charm.

  • premchandkumar

    thanks a lot for guiding for Gnochm. it looks good.thanks again!