I have a new iPhone 3G

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Finally, I have a new phone from Apple, iPhone 3G 16GB black =)

I was waiting for this phone. I am exciting so much to have iPhone.

Since I can not buy iPhone in Indonesia (actually I can but… ;)), I need to find the nearest country that officially sell iPhone. The possible country is Singapore. The good news is I can buy iPhone in Singapore without any contract since there is available officially unlocked by one of Singapore telecommunication operator (I believe you know what I mean ;))

Fortunately, I got training schedule in Singapore. Great! Therefore I excited so much. I planned to buy iPhone in Singapore.

First, I need to find the cheapest iPhone’s price in Singapore. The possible places are Funan, Lucky Plaza, Sim Lim, or Far East Plaza.

And finally I got my iPhone 3G in Far East Plaza =)

Here is my iPhone 3G…

My favorite features are:

  • Touch screen
  • iPod
  • Maps with GPS
  • Games

My missing features (compare with another phone) are:

  • SMS report
  • MMS
  • SMS forwarding

Anyway, I still love my new iPhone 3G so much =)

Thanks and have a great day!


  1. ya tuh, berapa biaya? tokonya namanya apa? Bagaimana pemakaiannya enak kagak? Kalau dibadingin ama Blackberry yg bold enak mana? Pls info ya. Gua mau juga beli tuh. Thanks.


  2. hello i really want an iphone 3g just want to know the website that you brought it from and how much exactly did it cost you? wheather or not it is a contract phone? how long did it take to arrive? does it work in the united kingdom? i know it’s a lot to ask but i really wnat one so please reply as soon as possible

    thank you

  3. Hi,
    Minta info nya donk harga iPhone yang dibeli itu brapa? Gw mau beli juga… 😉
    Btw, Indosat bisa untuk iPhone nya ya?


  4. Halo…
    Berapaan tuh iPhone nya? Gw pengen beli tapi yang bisa buat Provider lain juga gak cuman Telkomsel doank. Itu kayaknya bisa buat Indosat ya?
    Bisa tw harganya brapa?
    Mohon konfirmasinya yaaa….. 🙂
    Thank u.

  5. my iPhone was actually a gift from my girlfriend. i really love this phone and i think that this is the best phone that money can buy. i like the features and the design.

  6. mr. supri, anda beli iphone 3GS di far east plaze singapore, boleh tanya lokasi tepatnya di toko apa dan no berapa?
    setahu saya elektronik di plaza tersebut di lantai 2 ya?

  7. @ami: dulu belinta SGD $1150
    @djisamseotest: pasti bisa kok 😉
    @daniel: blom pernah bunya BB jadi gak bisa bandingin 🙂
    @peyman: they said 1 year waranty
    @eric: I don’t remeber exactly. perhaps in whymobile 🙂
    @Christopher: SGD $1150
    @natalie: please check at http://whymobile.com
    @maulini: iya saya pake Indosat. Saya beli yang unlock 🙂
    @boydetox: good 🙂
    @edy: saya lupa pastinya. Seinget saya cuman 2 toko yang jual iPhone 😀


  8. Just info ..
    sm BB jauuuuuuuh .. enakan iphone buangeeet.. mending ngumpulin celengan dlu bwt beli iphone drpd beli BB hehee
    features nya iphone lbh dahsyat dr BB. sueer ga boong hehee. Coz aku uda pnh ngrasain dua2 nya 😀

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