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Monetizing your WordPress

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Monetizing your WordPress

You may want to make a few bucks (or more) from your WordPress to help pay for hosting charges and other costs associated with running it. Some bloggers find that they can make more than just small change, but most not enough to quit their day job. Here are a few of the more popular methods to monetizing your WordPress.

Several ways by which you can make money with your weblog include Google Adsense, Amazon Associates, various other affiliate programs, advertising, and donations. In this post you can find some WordPress plugins helping you to monetizing your WordPress easily. The success of these following programs is highly dependent upon your content and the level of traffic you get to your site and your strategic to use them.

Google AdSense

AdSense is an ad serving program run by Google. Website owners can enroll in this program to enable text, image and, more recently, video advertisements on their sites (According to

To be able to put Google Ads on your site, you first need to be accepted into the Google AdSense program. Go to Google AdSense to apply this program. Google will monitor your site to see if you have the traffic and the content that would pull in sufficient clicks to make your participation in the program worthwhile to Google and to you. If accepted into the program, all you need to do is place a bit of javascript on one or more of your site templates to create the ads.

How much money can you expect to make from Google Adsense? It’s all depends on You. You make from a little bucks to a millions 😉 Google doesn’t allow its participants to publicly share their clicks and earnings data but you can make a rough estimate. The average click-through rate for online advertising in general is around 0.5 to 1.0%. With that rate, if you get 1000 page views per day (pages with Google ads on them), you should expect anywhere from 5 to 10 clicks per day. What will each of those clicks pay? Well, that depends on your content and the keywords on your page that are triggering the ads being served.

Here is a table showing the fees you could expect for every page views per day:

AdSense Fee Table

Here is a list of severals WordPress plugins for AdSense:

  • AdSense Deluxe
  • AdSense Beautifier
  • AdSense Paster
  • Google AdSense Earnings
  • and many more

Affiliate Programs

Another popular way to generate income from your weblog is through signing on with an affiliate program. How this program works? A company lets a website owner place a link or button on your site promoting the company’s product. When one of your site visitors clicks on the link or button, the visitor is taken to a landing page to be induced to buy something. If the visitor buys something, you get a commission from the company. Sometimes the commissions are for leads, but most often they are for completed sales.

Just place a link on your site is not a good enough result. Sometimes you should use another trick to make this program really works for you 😉 I just got this trick from my friend. Let’s we try this trick together and let me know the result 😀

First, make a review about your product. After a few weeks days, you put up a visible banner on your site. This will make your visitor be curios, why this guy (you) put this banner here. Then after a few weeks, you talk about the affiliate program (you make money on 2nd tier). Finally after a few more weeks you start pre sell.

The most popular Affiliate program in the blogosphere is Amazon’s associate program. When you place a link to a book on Amazon from your site and someone clicks through that link and buys the book, you get a commission.

Other affiliate programs can help pull in revenue to your site, especially if they are for products that have something to do with the content on your site. Commission Junction is the leading affiliate network, making it very easy for individual website owners to participate in affiliate programs. Ebay, Barnes & Noble,, IBM, Dell, all offer affiliate programs through Commission Junction.

You can use these following plugins:

  • WP-Amazon
  • Amazon Media Manager
  • TicTap Contextual Ads for Amazon
  • and many more


You can also take advertising directly from advertisers for your site. One company that operates as a network of bloggers that accept advertising is Blogads. Another blog ad network is CripsADS, Text Link Ads, Performancing Partner, Adbrite, and many more.

You can use these following plugins:

  • Text Link Ads
  • AdBrite Paster
  • and many more

Donations and Tip Jars

You can monetizing your WordPress by placing a simple PayPal Donation button on your site. You need to open PayPal account to collect your donation.
You can use these following plugins:

  • EasyPayPal
  • Paypal Donate
  • Simple Paypal Donate Plugin
  • and many more

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