My Clickbank Cheque was Cleared

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A couple weeks ago, I got my first Clickbank cheque, My First ClickBank Cheque. That was a really great day =)

But, I got a new “problem”. The problem is how can I cash my Clickbank cheque. Is it possible to cash my Clickbank cheque in my local bank?

OK, my journey just began…

First, I tried to cash my cheque in Bank Niaga. Unfortunately, I have to have a current account in Bank Niaga at least for 6 months in order to cash my Clickbank cheque. I think this is a must requirement to cash any cheque in Bank Niaga, such as Adsense, Commission Junction, etc CMIIW. IMHO, I need to open one account in Bank Niaga just in case only 😉

Second, I tried to cash my Clickbank cheque in Citibank. About one year ago, I cashed my Adsense cheque in Citibank. Hopefully, I can cash my Clickbank cheque in Citibank also. Unfortunately, I can not 🙁 I have to have Citibank account.

Perhaps, I can try another local bank, but I use my US Bank to cash my cheque. You can learn how to open US bank from Indonesia from IndoUSBank (Bahasa Indonesia).

Here is how to cash my Clickbank cheque in my US Bank:

  • Endorse (sign) the back of the check
  • Download and complete a deposit slip (provide by my US Bank)
  • Mail the check and deposit slip to my US Bank
  • make copies of the check and slip for my records.

That’s it. Have a great day!


  1. mas gimana sih caranya biar clickbank bisa di pake di Indonesia? saya sangat tertarik jadi affiliater di clickbank? tapi masalahnya negara kita yang tercinta ini tidak terdaftar di signup-form nya clickbank, mungkin mas supriyadi punya trick2nya?

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