What is NuoveXT?

NuoveXT is an icon theme for GNOME and KDE. The goal of nuoveXT is to provide a very complete set of icons for both Gnome and KDE. Please visit nuoveXT website.

How to make it work to my Dapper?

I don’t make this icon by myself, so I just go to nouveXT website and download this icon theme. No configure, make, and make install needed 😀 Just download and extract it at my icon folder (/usr/share/icons/). It’s will look great for my GNOME environment, and for KDE environment too (different icon theme package).

This icon theme also great to my Mozilla Firefox. Just install .jar file to my Firefox theme. Just restart my firefox and it’s well done… 😀

I use nuoveXT icon theme on my KXDocker too. It’s look so cool beside their common icon theme (OS X). Just set my KXDocker icon theme path to /usr/share/icons/nuoveXT-1.6/128×128/apps

But, look at my GAIM icon theme. Is it look very cool? 😀 I don’t make it from stretch. I have this by modified from the original nuoveXT icon theme. I just want make my GAIM look cool with my nuoveXT icon theme. Look some example below:

Gaim NuoveXT

Do you like it? I can not distribute it yet, cause I don’t have permission from the nuoveXT original creator yet :-/ How to get the permission? Please tell me… Thx before…

me, sUpricak3p

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