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Make Your Day Better with IOS 5 Features

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People with iPhones expect to be on high alert because Apple has come out with the IOS 5 features. There has been a lot of talk about the new operating system being launched in the market by Apple. With the long awaited release of the IOS 5 and the IPhone 4S, people have been anticipating what kinds of new features and gadgets have been included to sweep them off of their feet. Apple has had the kind of reputation where they are known to do something out of the ordinary. They always think out of the box and this time was no different. They have huge expectations riding on them and there are many people who were waiting to see if the smiles would remain on their faces. Indeed it did.

IOS 5 features: Functionality

The new IOS 5 has come out with better functionality than ever before. With new features like the notifications area you can now expect to be updated about everything your phone has to offer. You will now be notified about anything new that happens with respect to your SMS’s, friend requests for all the social media located on your phone, stock reports, weather reports, traffic updates and all the breaking news. Therefore the new IOS 5 has definitely improved its functionality.

In full truth, Apple has made more than 150 changes and improvements in the new IOS 5. There are a reported 200 new features out of which many have made its users very happy indeed. Of course discussing all of them here is beyond the reach of this forum but be sure to know you will not miss out on its features if you will purchase of upgrade to the IOS 5.

IOS 5 features: Social Networking—refreshed

Yes you have guessed it. Apple has always been about making it easier to be socially available and one of the reasons its customers are satisfied is because they are always making the experience better. Now with the IOS 5 you can even more socially apt and up to date with all the on-goings and events. iPhone has integrated its system and now you’re able to use Twitter anywhere where their maybe a Wi-Fi connection.

IOS 5 features: iPhone—IOS 5, iMessage, iReminders

The IPhone has come with many exciting applications and there is no surprise the enticing new IOS 5 is exactly the same. There are many applications such as the iMessage and the iReminders. With the iMessage you can now send free SMS’s and MMS’s provided the receiver is also using an iPad or an iPhone. Therefore iMessages has not only increased the popularity of the IOS 5 but has also bridged the somewhat gap between apple users.

There are many other features which have made the sales of the IOS 5 rise by many a percentage and it is safe to say, the customers are satisfied with what Apple has done. The new IOS 5 features carry on the iPhone legend.

The iMessage kills SMS Service

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You have heard it correctly iMessage has literally killed the SMS service. For those of who have been using the iPhone and are well aware of its generalized features will know that Apple was exclusive built-in SMS service using the Messages Application. Now with the release of IOS 5 everything has changed as we know it. Text Messaging and Multimedia Messaging has completely changes spheres when it comes to the new IOS 5 because there is much more functionality involved. Apple has therefore made it an easier process so that now sending a text is quicker than saying 1, 2 and 3.

Why iMessage?

Individuals that have been using the Messaging Application on either the iPhone or iChat will have a certain overview of how this works. It is basically a IM application which also supports text messages, contacts, videos, photos and locations to the receiving party. Thus the “old” application had satisfied its clients. This was until the iMessage was released and revealed.

The iMessage has had so much of an effect that users are no not thinking of looking back. Here are a few reasons why:

It’s Simplistic in Design

The iMessage is extremely simplistic in design. This is because there isn’t much to it. The iMessage includes tutorials and step-by-step guides and is suitable for the beginner and those individuals that have been using the IOS 5 on different Apple products.

You can Pick up Where You Left Off

Another great thing about the iMessage is that it allows you be in contact with your loved ones whenever, wherever and not just literally. You can actually be out and about and message your friends. If and when you feel like stopping, go ahead and “pause” the conversation. When you are back at home you can pick up the conversation where you left it or simply use another device. That is to say you can carry on the same conversation on your IPad—isn’t that great.

iMessages are Free

This is not a gimmick. Messages sent via iMessages are actually free provided that the receiver is also going to be using the same IOS 5. Therefore even though you may be paying for the messages sent through SMS, you won’t have to bother with doing that in the iMessage. That is the biggest reason why customers have favored this applications above all other ones.

The applications have not only been improved but refreshed to such an extent that it has left all other phones and their applications behind. Apple is leaving no room for competition because they have set such a high standard that only they can think of breaking their set records. The IOS 5 has made a vast improvement and the iMessage is one of the contributing factors towards the sales soaring and touching the skies. iPhone can sit back and relax for their customers are certainly delighted. They have maintained their expectations and made a new niche for themselves. The iMessage is set to conquer.

iPhone Nova – Your #1 source for iPhone downloads

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If you have an iPhone , I too believe you are looking for ways to fill it up with all your favourite media, such as movies, songs ,music ,games , ebooks ,Dvd movies, and many more.

The iPhone is more than just a phone and allows you to browse the internet with ease and also watch loads of different forms of multimedia. As well as that the iPhone also has a virtual keyboard that you control with the touch sensitive screen.

However , there are many downloads sites claimed that they are the best service and good. But how would you know if they are reliable sites?

What is iPhone Nova?

Iphone Nova is the official first download site for Iphone Download Service. You can download unlimited movies , songs , music , games , ebooks , Dvd movies.

They Have Constructed a Database For Unlimited Downloads For Your That Will Extend From Music To Music Videos, Movies & Much More! With Our phone System, You Will Also Be Able To Download Unlimited & Continuously Updated Music, Movies, Games, Videos, TV Shows, Torrent Files & More!

iPhone Nova’s Features

  • Access to the fastest iPhone downloads on the net!
  • Members have unlimited access, no restrictions!
  • Unlimited free Movies, Music, Tv Shows, Games & more!
  • Free 24 hour Technical Support.
  • No monthly or “Pay Per Download” fees.
  • Easy Software to install & use.
  • Digital Quality Movies & Music!
  • Huge Media Selection.
  • Free Step by Step Tutorials to get you started immediately!
  • Free DVD to PC to iPhone Software.

How about the cost?

With iPhone Nova, there are no pay-per-download charges, or a monthly subscription fee which means no more iTune download fees! Once you’ve purchased the program, you have access to unlimited downloads music forever to your iPhone!

Amongst other things there is music, TV shows, games and ringtones and it also comes with full technical help if you need it. Also another good thing is that IPhone Nova comes with the software you need to transfer all the media to your IPhone!

Join IPhone Nova and get instant access to over 2000+ media categories for your iPhone right now!

Unfortunately, this service is not longer available. But you can try MyPhone Express.
MyPhone Express has some features, such as:

  • Up to 500x times faster
  • Free Unlimited Downloads
  • The Biggest Media Database
  • No Download Fees or Limits
  • Highest Quality Downloads
  • No Spyware or Adware
  • Free 24/7 Customer Support
  • Satellite TV on PC bonus
  • Full Money Back Guarantee

Join to MyPhone Express right now!

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