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Dago Pakar WordPress Theme

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Dago Pakar is three column Unsleepable based theme with sidebar – content – sidebar layout. Optimised for AdSense placement (inside content and sidebar). A modern theme with Widgets Sidebar.

Thanks for any requests to share my theme. Glad You like my theme. As promised I have released my theme named as Dago Pakar.

What is Dago Pakar? Dago Pakar is one of beautiful place in Parijs Van Java (Bandung), West Java, Indonesia. You can view this place in 😉

Dago Pakar WordPress Theme is a modified theme form Unsleepable WordPress Theme by Ben Gray at Thanks for the great theme Ben 🙂

This is my Beta release. Perhaps You will find a lot of bugs. Therefore, please send any feedback! Any suggestions will be appreciate very much. Hopefully, You like this theme. Enjoy the theme.


  • Three column WordPress Theme
  • Left sidebar for menu and right sidebar for AdSense or another ads
  • SEO friendly for WordPress based my previous post
  • AdSense placement optimization. Largerectangle in the content. Wide Skyper in right sidebar.
  • AdSense blend optimization. Content using font face and size as AdSense.
  • Widgets Support
  • Gravatars Support

Updated to Version 1.2 (Nov 03, 2006)

  • Fix bug near unwanted text: “Insert you AdSense Largerectangle code here!”. Thanks for your report 😀

Updated to Version 1.1 (Oct 31, 2006)

  • Add Search Option in Option Page. You can choose Live search, Vanilla search, or Google Search.
  • Add Adsense Option in Option Page. You can insert your AdSense code and it will display on index, archive, search, single, search result page. Support for Largerectangle, Wide Skyper, Link Unit 468×15, and Google for Search.

K2 Option Search

Dago Pakar K2 Option Search

K2 Option AdSense

Dago Pakar K2 Option AdSense


Dago Pakar Screenshot


  1. Download file.
  2. Unzip the file.
  3. Upload the dagopakar folder to your wordpress theme directory.
  4. Activate Dago Pakar WordPress theme.
  5. Open K2 Option and insert your AdSense code for Largerectangle, Link Unit 468×15, Wide Skyper, and Google for Search.
  6. Well done!



  • Use class=”alignright” tag for images to appear on right , class=”alignleft” tag for images to appear on left, and class=”centered” tag for images to appear on center.
  • Best view for 1024×768 resolution or higher

Change log

  • 11/03/2006: Update to version 1.2
  • 10/31/2006: Update to version 1.1
  • 10/30/2006: Initial public beta release

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Krakal WordPress Theme

in Project/Theme/Wordpress by

Well, after use some wordpress themes, I decide to create my own wordpress theme. Perhaps, it’s not a perfect theme.

This is my first wordpress theme and I hope it’s can be a nice wordpress theme. My wordpress theme’s name is Krakal, which one of beautiful beach in Yogyakarta, about 60 km from my home town 😀

This theme was inspirated from Audyasha theme which come from Kubrick theme. But now I made a lot of modification to this theme 😉


Krakal WordPress Theme Screenshot


  1. Download file
  2. Unzip the file
  3. Upload the krakal folder to your wordpress theme directory
  4. Activate krakal wordpress theme

This theme is still under developing so any suggestions will be appreciate very much 😉 So feel free to add any comments about this theme. Have a great day and good luck…



  • Use class=”alignright” tag for images to appear on right , class=”alignleft” tag for images to appear on left, and class=”centered” tag for images to appear on center.

Supported plugins

To Do

  • Widgets Support

Change Log

  • 07/17/2006: Remove bottom-block. Most user not use it. Edit footer text and fix CSS.
  • 07/07/2006: Upload new version (Krakal 1.0) with 2 column. See screenshot. For live demo please this site, currently I use it 😉
  • 06/09/2006: Add support to gravatars plugin
  • 06/08/2006: Initial public release


Gnome gconf-editor nuoveXT Theme

in Linux/Theme/Tutorial by


Use this gconf-editor nuoveXT theme to change your default gconf-editor theme. This theme make a unified desktop to nuoveXT theme.

You can see my gaim nouveXT icon theme. The original NuoveXT icon from


Extract gconf-nuovext.tar.gz to /usr/share/pixmaps/

sudo tar zxvf gconf-nuovext.tar.gz --directory=/usr/share/pixmaps/


To restore your default gconf-editor theme extract gconf-default.tar.gz to /usr/share/pixmaps/

sudo tar zxvf gconf-default.tar.gz --directory=/usr/share/pixmaps/



Ubuntu Dapper OSX Style

in Linux/Theme/Tutorial/Ubuntu by

Just another theme to make my Dapper to OSX looklike:

  1. Theme: T-ish-Aquastyle by Tmilovan.
  2. Control: tish-aquastyle by Tmilovan.
  3. Window Border: Humanoid-OSX SineDie.
  4. Icon Set: OSX by Kiddo.
  5. Dock: Engage with OSX icon set (modified by myself).
  6. Firefox: iFox Smooth (Themes) and Compact Menu (Extensions).
  7. Thunderbird: Tiger Mail (Themes)
Ubuntu OSX3Ubuntu OSX2Ubuntu OSX1


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