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Text Ads Link Widget for WordPress Sidebar

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Text Ads Link Widget for WordPress Sidebar is a WordPress Widgets which can be used to insert Text Ads Link code in your WordPress sidebar without knowing HTML. Just open TLA widget, drag and drop it to sidebar.

What is Text Link Ads?

Text Link Ads is a program where you sell your site space to advertisers. Text Link Ads is not a pay per click or contextually served ad system. You can display Text Link Ads on the same page with Google AdSense, Yahoo! Publisher Network and other contextually served ads. So don?t worry because you are not violating one of Google AdSense policy.

How to register?

To register your site for Text Link Ads is easy. Submit your site to be approved into their publisher program, insert ad code and wait for advertisers buying your ads space. For wordpress user, there is a plugin where you can use to insert the code without you have to copy all the code into your site page.

Once you have enabled the plugin, you will need to insert TLA code:

where you want the text ads displayed within the layout of your site. Therefore You can use this widget to insert code above without open your themes. This will display the ads on the sidebar.

Text Ads Link Insert Code

Text Ads Link Insert Code

Text Ads Link Widget Option

Text Ads Link Widget Option

Text Ads Link on Sidebar

Text Ads Link on Sidebar


  • Help You to insert Text Ads Link code in your WordPress sidebar without knowing HTML.
  • Add a link to your package directly. You need to insert your packages ID.
  • Option to open your package link in a new browser.
  • Option to show your ads on single page (homepage only) or site wide.
  • Only show TLA in your sidebar.


  • Text Link Ads account.
  • WordPress Sidebar Widgets Plugin.


  1. Download Text Ads Link widget.
  2. Unzip and upload tlawidget.php to your /wp-content/plugins/widget/ directory.
  3. Activate the plugin from inside WordPress (Plugins tab).
  4. Drag Text Ads Link widget to your sidebar from inside WordPress (Presentation tab > Sidebar Widgets).
  5. Click the configuration icon and enter your title, package ID, and site option.


How to get your package ID

  • Login into Text Link Ads.
  • Edit your listings.
  • Edit your side detail. You should see this following message:

    Your site is currently available at:

    . Therefore your package id is 45044. This is my package id for an example. You should get your own package id 😀

Change Log

  • Nov 04, 2006: Initial public release.


  1. […] WP Widget: Text Link Ads Add Text Link Ads to the sidebar of your WordPress blog with very little effort. There is also a plugin available from Text Link Ads directly. Just as an FYI, all links sending you to Text Link Ads from that linked site are referrals. I am not sure that the author mentions that. Bookmark:These icons link to social bookmarking sites where readers can share and discover new web pages. […]

  2. Hi,

    thanks for the very useful plugin. I already have a TLA account and approved for ads but cannot get the Package ID. When I login to TLA and go to “Edit Listing –> Edit Site Details”, I don’t see the Package ID as you’ve described. I’ve already written to support of TLA about this matter. Are you aware of this? any help will be appreciated.

  3. Great idea. I was looking for a widget like this since I would much prefer to use text ads, which are obviously more targeted contextually then an adsense feed.


  4. Hi, looks like a great widget, but how to set it up in the sidebar without adding as a widget? I’d like to just create a div and just place the code in the div manually in the sidebar.

  5. I need help! I have been emailing with Text Link Ads support for THREE HOURS trying to figure this out. I created a graphic badge with colors that match my site and everything, clicked site details to get the package number, but when I put it in the Text Widget, all I get on my sidebar is plain text, no graphic badge. The Support guy has NO IDEA what I am doing wrong. Can you help, please??

  6. Hi,

    I’m the developer of WP Text Ads. It’s a WordPress plugin that allows bloggers to sell ads directly to advertisers.

    This means you get paid instantly, and pay no commissions. Furthermore, you can set your own ad rates and runs and build business relationships.

    I believe WP Text Ads complements TLA and Adsense very well 🙂

    The web site is here –

    If you use it, I’d love to hear from you

    My email is alexchoowk at wptextads dot com


  7. has anyone seen money with TLA? is it any good than adsense?
    i wld like to know from users who already using this and find it good for monetising thier site.
    thanks in advance.

  8. help me..
    i couldnt find my packageid. i have see some of my article is status ‘sold’ but my revenue is still in ‘0’. what’s wrong with this?

    i just download tla wordpress plugin and activated it after that what is the next step?

    i also couldn’t find my sites at catalogid. therefor my alexa rank is 1.159.584 and it said
    “Your site is currently in our InLinks marketplace. This marketplace sells links within the posts of your site, so a site description and keywords are not necessary. Your site will not show up in our normal marketplace listings, but instead will be accessible an exclusive set of advertisers.”
    please advice.. thanks

  9. Hi, i just got approval from text link ads. But it seem i cannot get the package id. do i need to wait for another approval. i have activate the text add plugin and put the code on my themes. but no showing up.

  10. hi, is anyone can explain me about text ads links because i still confuse with this thing.

    my website has been approved for this program, i have activating the plugin also. And someone has buy a link in my website. I earned the money for that, but where will their ads will shown on my website? i try to find out, but cannot find it.

    can someone tell me how exactly the ads link works for me?

  11. Cool, thank’s for sharing. Ada bedanya ga sama wptextads? Dan kalau udah pasang apa script if( is_home() ) tla_ads(); ini juga harus dipasang ya? thank’s., Newbie Blogger

  12. Thanks for the info, I’ve signed up and been approved but still having no luck. Installed the WP plugin and added the code you provided but it just spits out a   and that’s all 🙁

  13. […] Este servicio de compra/venta de links ha entrado en una etapa de auge Ășltimamente, en parte gracias a los webmasters preocupados por su situaciĂłn seo y por la cantidad de visitas; pueden descargar el plugin que les permitirĂĄ vender espacios de links en su blog fĂĄcilmente desde la pagina de text-link-ads o desde esta otra pagina. Descarga aquĂ­ […]

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