TLA InLinks Officially Launched

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MediaWhiz, owners of the text link marketplace Text Link Ads, has just released a new advertising product for those interested in selling text links on their blogs called just launched InLinks.

InLinks is an ad network that allows advertisers to buy text links within the content of your posts.

InLinks allows you to purchase links within the content area on web pages. You search for instances of your top keywords and replace those static keywords with a hyperlink back to your website.

There are many benefits that make inLinks a great fit for your site:

    TLA InLinks

  • Ads that are easy on the eyes. Sell in content ads without the annoying pop up
  • Predictable revenue. Get paid a flat rate per month per ad sold.
  • Full editorial control. Approve or deny ads as they are sold or allow us to control.
  • Blog friendly. Install our simple plugin and we take care of the rest. Just sit back and collect your monthly earnings. Plugins available for: WordPress, MoveableType and Drupal.

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