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Top 5 Ways You Can Be a Better Blogger

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Blogging is fast becoming a popular pastime for many people. Most people’s views of blogs are of an online diary where you post your thoughts, feelings, and opinions on certain subjects. Some bloggers post for the sake of posting, and they aren’t too bothered by how many readers they have.

Others, however, are obsessed with gaining as many followers as they can get their hands on. The benefit of having a large reader base is that advertisers are more likely to approach you and pay you for space on your blog. If you want to be a better blogger for whatever reason, here are 5 tips to help you get there.

1. Keep a friendly writing style

There’s no need to overdo it with the long words and perfect grammar. In fact, blogs that are written in a very formal style tend to be less popular with your average Web surfer. Try and keep your tone casual and comfortable, as if you were talking with a good friend.

2. Don’t over write

The fact is that most Internet surfers have short attention spans and readers tend to prefer short text rather than long drawn out essays. Try and keep your writing clear and to the point. Include only the needed information. You don’t want to appear like your writing a book. If your blog post contains over 500 words, ou’ve probably written too much and you may need to shorten the text to just the main points. One way to do this is to split the post in two so it continues to another page.

3. Don’t over advertise

If you decide to promote yourself and your products or services on your blog, that’s fine. It’ a good way to generate some customers and will cost you nothing. But remember that blog readers will easily spot posts that have been written as marketing tools and some dislike this type of thing. Try to be subtle about your advertisements. Write a brief post detailing your business and leave a single link at the bottom or in the signature area. If you want to advertise using banners, use them sparingly. Many visitors are quickly turned away by pages with endless rows of rectangular adverts.

4. Spell check often

Keep your blog professional. Always go over your post a few times and check for misspellings. Be casual in your writing style, but don’t be sloppy. Posts filled with spelling errors will gradually give you a bad reputation and people will start to question your technical skill and knowledge. No one will take what you say seriously and you may lose readers.

5. Post regularly

If you build a good reputation, people will start to visit your blog more often and expect to see new content on your site; most will come once or twice a week. Keep your blog updated and fresh by posting often. Remember to keep your posts short and to the point. This way they are easier to read and will take no time to write on a daily basis. Keep your fans happy. Write often and keep the content interesting.

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