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Ubuntu Dapper OSX Style

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Just another theme to make my Dapper to OSX looklike:

  1. Theme: T-ish-Aquastyle by Tmilovan.
  2. Control: tish-aquastyle by Tmilovan.
  3. Window Border: Humanoid-OSX SineDie.
  4. Icon Set: OSX by Kiddo.
  5. Dock: Engage with OSX icon set (modified by myself).
  6. Firefox: iFox Smooth (Themes) and Compact Menu (Extensions).
  7. Thunderbird: Tiger Mail (Themes)
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  1. Nice post, trying to follow it now…

    Do you have a local copy of the Humanoid-OSX theme?
    I’ve followed the link and it’s not available any more, and I can’t find it elsewhere on the net.

    If you could pass it on that would be great!


  2. im a newbie in this operating system..i’ve been using windows since child birth but i’ve decided to switch os since windows has a lot of security problems and prone to viruses..

    now im using Ubuntu 6.06 Dapper Drake

    Now, what im asking is:

    how do i install it in dapper drake?

    can you give me instructions? step by step if it’s ok..

    and what softwares/applications do i need to install this on my machine?

    thanks a lot..

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