Amazon Business Solutions has launched “WebStore by Amazon,” which Amazon says gives “small and medium-sized businesses access to Amazon’s order fulfillment, customer service, customer shipping offers, and underlying website technology to improve the experience they offer their customers.”

This one is a significant and promising launch in last few days including “aStore” for associate program. is directly competing with Yahoo store, Google base and Microsoft small business initiatives. Service like these could be a serious threat to eBay’s dominance by removing a many of the barriers and logistical problems in online commerce. Small and Medium-Sized Businesses can use’s ecommerce pipeline to leverage their website. Amazon allows businesses to use Amazon’s own order fulfillment and post-order customer service infrastructure, and allows customers to receive the benefit of shipping offers when buying from third-party sellers who use Fulfillment by Amazon. customers can now use offers such as Amazon Prime and Free Super Saver Shipping when buying products with the “Fulfilled by Amazon” icon next to the offering listing.

WebStore allows anyone to have a world-class e-commerce site. Whether they’re a business owner or an experienced developer, WebStore has taken the complexity out of building and maintaining a professional e-commerce site. Better yet, WebStore provides online merchants a powerful platform that is powered by the same technology, support, and transaction processing that powers

WebStore by Amazon allows businesses to:

  • Maintain their brand while leveraging Amazon’s own scalable, reliable, and secure back-end technology.
  • Make it secure, simple, and easy for visitors to buy using their existing accounts.
  • Earn additional revenue by including other products from in their WebStore and referring customers through the Amazon Associates program.

There’s also a way to earn extra cash by selling merchandise at your WebStore.

Readers, do you use Amazon’s WebStore or fulfillment services? How have you fared? Do you have other companies you’d recommend for this type of service?

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