WordPress 2.5 Released

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WordPress 2.5 has been released and includes a huge number of changes over the WordPress 2.3 series. The new version is considered to be a major step forward, lots of elements have changed in the interface for example.

Some of the major features in this release include:

  • faster loading
  • cleaner interface
  • integrated gallery and media management
  • built-in gravatar support
  • plugin one-click updates

While getting new versions of your plugins, you might want to also check a new interface for your administration, Dashboard Widgets.

Dashboard Widgets — the dashboard home page is now a series of widgets, including ones to show you fun stats about your posting, latest comments, people linking to you, new and popular plugins, and of course WordPress news. You can customize any of the dashboard widgets to show, for example, news from your local paper instead of WP news. Plugins can also hook in, for example the WordPress.com stats widget adds a handy double-wide stats box.

One feature that I like is Few-click plugin upgrades.

Few-click plugin upgrades — if the plugins you use are part of the plugin directory since 2.3 we’ve told you when they have an update available. Now we take that to the next logical step — downloading and installing the upgrade for you. This is dependent a little bit on your host setup, and it may ask you for your FTP password much like OS X or Windows will ask you for a password, but it works well on majority of hosts we were able to test, your mileage may very, plugins in mirror may be larger than they appear.

This feature makes me so easy to upgrade all of my installed plugins. I do not have to download, unpack the update, remove the old version of the plugin, and installing the latest version manually. WordPress 2.5 will do all jobs for me automatically. Thanks 😉

Want to upgrade your WordPress right now? Just make sure to check that all your plugins are up-to-date and that none of them conflicts with release 2.5.

Happy upgrading and good luck! 😀


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