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WordPress Installation on Ubuntu with LAMP

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This tutorial is how to install WordPress on Ubuntu Linux Desktop using LAMP. Why ? One reason is that you can do a lot of developing (playing around) much quicker as there is no need to use ftp. If You like me, play around with WordPress as a developer (perhaps you create your own theme or plugin), you should install WordPress locally in your Ubuntu Linux Desktop.

You do not need to convert your Ubuntu Desktop into Ubuntu Server. You only need install addition packages that you need to run WordPress on your Ubuntu Linux desktop.

Get ready?! Let?s start to install WorPress on Ubuntu Linux desktop.

Install LAMP

You can view my previous post about LAMP Installation On Ubuntu, if you have not already done so.

Download WordPress

You can download WordPress from their official website into your Ubuntu desktop.

Extract your WordPress archieve into your server directory

sudo tar zxvf wordpress-x.x.x.tar.gz --directory=/var/www/

Prepare MySQL Database for WordPress

Create a database for WordPress on your Ubuntu, as well as a MySQL user who has all privileges for accessing and modifying it. You can use phpMyAdmin to make it easier 😉

  • First create dababase: wordpress
  • Then create a new user: wordpress with password: wordpresspassword

Write down the values you used for databasename, wordpressusername, hostname, and password for future purpose 😉

Configure WordPress Setting

Copy the wp-config-sample.php file to wp-config.php. Open and edit wp-config.php file

// ** MySQL settings ** //
define('DB_NAME', 'wordpress');
define('DB_USER', 'wordpress');
define('DB_PASSWORD', 'wordpresspassword');
define('DB_HOST', 'localhost');

Run the Install Script

Using your favorite web browser (Firefox by default), visit wp-admin/install.php within the directory into which you just installed WordPress on your web site. For example: point your browser to http://localhost/wordpress/wp-admin/install.php

Preview your New WordPress

Point your browser to http://localhost/wordpress.

Well done! You have your own WordPress on Your Ubuntu Linux Desktop.

😀 Happy New Year!

LAMP Installation On Ubuntu

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The acronym LAMP refers to a set of free software programs commonly used together to run dynamic Web sites or servers Linux, the operating system; Apache, the Web server; MySQL, the database management system (or database server) and Perl, PHP, and/or Python, scripting languages.

This tutorial is how to install LAMP on Ubuntu Desktop.


Here are several steps to install Ubuntu Linux Desktop if you have not already done so.

  • First download and burn your own installation CD file from the Ubuntu Linux site or order a free CD from Shipit – Free CDs.
  • Second, try out your new Ubuntu Linux without changing anything on your computer by booting the installation CD. This is a great way to test compatibility with your computer.
  • Third, install Ubuntu Linux permanently on your computer by double-clicking the install icon on your temporary desktop.
    1. Download the Ubuntu Linux Desktop ISO CD image from the Ubuntu Linux site.
    2. Burn a bootable CD from the ISO CD image.
    3. Boot the CD on the target machine. Make sure the network is connected. If all is successful, Ubuntu Linux will start up in a fully functional friendly desktop environment. Experiment for a while if you like.
    4. Double-click on the installer icon on the desktop to permanently install Linux.
    5. Enter Name, Username, Password, and Time Zone. Set the clock if necessary. Choose automatic partition and format to erase the previous operating system.
    6. WARNING – This will wipe out everything on the target machine hard drive.
    7. Wait.
    8. Restart.
    9. Remove the CD to prevent starting over.
    10. Type Enter to boot.
    11. Login.


Install Apache

sudo apt-get install apache2

Testing HTTP Server by open a web browser and enter http://localhost


Install PHP5

sudo apt-get install php5 libapache2-mod-php5

Stop/Restart Apache

sudo /etc/init.d/apache2 restart

Test the installation

sudo gedit /var/www/testphp.php

Insert this following line into testphp.php file.

<?php phpinfo(); ?>

Save this new file.
Open a web browser and enter http://localhost/testphp.php
Be sure to remove the file afterwards, as it may pose a security risk.

sudo rm /var/www/testphp.php


Install MySQL Server

sudo apt-get install mysql-server

MySQL initially only allows connections from the localhost ( We’ll need to remove that restriction if you wish to make it accessible to everyone on the internet. Open the file /etc/mysql/my.cnf

gksudo gedit /etc/mysql/my.cnf

Find the line bind-address = and comment it out then save the file.
MySQL comes with no root password as default. This is a huge security risk. You’ll need to set one. So that the local computer gets root access as well, you’ll need to set a password for that too. The local-machine-name is the name of the computer you’re working on.

mysqladmin -u root password newpassword
mysqladmin -h root@local-machine-name -u root -p password newpassword
sudo /etc/init.d/mysql restart

MySQL Administrator

Install MySQL Administrator

sudo apt-get install mysql-admin

Refresh Gnome Panel

killall gnome-panel

Run MySQL Administrator
Applications -> System Tools -> MySQL Administrator

MySQL for Apache HTTP Server

sudo apt-get install libapache2-mod-auth-mysql php5-mysql phpmyadmin

To get PHP to work with MySQL, open the php.ini file

gksudo gedit /etc/php5/apache2/php.ini

You’ll need to uncomment the “;” line so that it looks like this

Restart Apache

sudo /etc/init.d/apache2 restart

Well done!

Anything Hollywood

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AnythingHollywood is a celebrity gossip rag giving you all the uncensored news, rumors, gossips of Hollywood.

The site focuses mainly on good looking and obnoxious celebrities with exceptions of earth shaking news otherwise we focus on the superficials – the hot celebrities.

The content of the site is intended for entertainment only.

This is my first blog project. This theme base on my free theme, Braga.

Thanks to Henrietta for giving me a change to make her first blog 😉

AdSense Beautifier no longer Compliant with Adsense TOS

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Looks like a bad news for me. According to Inside AdSense about Ad and Image Placement Policy, is AdSense Beautifier no longer compliant with Adsense Terms of Service? Let’s take a look about this.

We ask that publishers not line up images and ads in a way that suggests a relationship between the images and the ads. If your visitors believe that the images and the ads are directly associated, or that the advertiser is offering the exact item found in the neighboring image, they may click the ad expecting to find something that isn’t actually being offered. That’s not a good experience for users or advertisers.

Publishers should also be careful to avoid similar implementations that people could find misleading. For instance, if your site contains a directory of Flash games, you should not format the ads to mimic the game descriptions.

AdSense beautifier comes with general images. That’s the reason why I always pending to show images relate to post’s keywords 😉 I always use general images to avoid mislead or confuse my visitors.

What if I place a space or a line between my images and my ads? Would that work?

No. If the ads and the images appear to be associated, inserting a small space or a line between the images and ads will not make the implementation compliant.

AdSense beautifier places a space or a line between images and ads and comes with general images that does not appear to be associated with ads.

Does this mean I can’t place ads on pages with images?

You can definitely place Google ads on pages containing images — just make sure that the ads and images are not arranged in a way that could easily mislead or confuse your visitors. For example, if you run a stock photography site with a catalog of thumbnail images, don’t line the ads up with the thumbnails in a way that could be misleading. Consider using a full border around your ads or changing your ad colors, for example.

As It says, you can use AdSense Beautifier — just make sure that the ads and images are not arranged in a way that could easily mislead or confuse your visitors. It’s depends on your images. You should use general images that does not appear to be associated with ads.

But You should always contact Google AdSense team to make sure your ads always compliants with Adsense Terms of Service. You should use AdSense Beautifier with your own risk as always I said 🙂

😀 Have a great day and good luck!

Pixel Art Web 2.0

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Web 2.0 done in some pretty cool pixel art. How many Web2.0 startups can you pick out?

Pixel Art Web 2.0

Image courtesy of

Central Desktop – A Unified Collaboration Platform

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Central Desktop is a web-based collaboration tool for business teams to manage projects, share information and communicate with others.

This platform enables teams to efficiently share information and communicate with employees, customers and partners inside and beyond the firewall.

Central Desktop designed for business teams, Central Desktop packs lots of wiki features plus embedded applications such as discussions, blogs, file managers, task lists, milestone management, light calendaring and permission management into a easy to use wysiwyg environment supporting gated (private – invitation only) or public (ungated) access.

Style templates give you the flexibility you need to create your own branding/colors/css look and feel you need.

Central Desktop

Important Points

Team Benefits

  • Less Email “Noise”
  • Centralized Communication
  • Real-Time Collaboration
  • Team Accountability
  • Access From Anywhere
  • High User Adoption

Collaborate Any Time

  • Project Tracking
  • Searchable Discussion
  • Task Management
  • Shared Calendars
  • Full Text Search: Word, Excel, Powerpoint & PDF
  • Secure RSS/Atom Support
  • 256-Bit SSL Encryption

Collaborate In Real Time

  • Integrated Web Meetings
  • Free Audio Conferencing
  • IM Presence Support

Central Desktop Advantages

  • No Software to Install
  • Deploy in Minutes; Not Days
  • Secure Platform
  • Scalable with your Business
  • Single Sign-On Access
  • Integrated Web Conferencing
  • Free Audio Conferencing
  • Tight Email Integration
  • Easy To Use – High Adoption
  • Business Focused

After reading all information between the lines, I found that Central Desktop is a great service. Central Desktop packs lots of WIKI features plus embedded applications; If You familiar with WIKI, You will not have problem with Central Desktop. Fortunately, Central Desktop gives Free Plan. You can sign up for free plan and get unlimited access for 30 days. After 30 days your unlimited access will end and you have a normal access for Free Plan.

Central Desktop Website

Central Desktop Website

  • All information displayed in the website are easy to understand. They are straight to the point. I love it 😉 I think, visitors who want to join this service will not wait too long to register, at. All basic information are there. The colors are fresh, information are easy to read.
  • I think, the image in front of this site (home) make both of my Flock and Firefox slowly :-/ Actually, this image is a great idea as screenshot for their features.
  • I feel comfortable when moving from a page to other pages.

Few things you should know about Central Desktop

  • Registration is free, for a Free Plan.
  • Once you have been registered, you can make your own Workspace and Invite Others to Collaborate or You can Host a Real-Time Web Meeting.
  • You can upgrade your plan anytime.

Agloco – Get Paid to Surf The Web

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AGLOCO, which stands for A Global Community, will pay You to surf the web. In another word, You can earn money from Agloco when you surf the web. AGLOCO looks to be very similar to a service called AllAdvantage. AllAdvantage paid users to surf the web by showing them advertising related to what they were viewing online. What’s more, it paid you when you refer other people to surf, and paid you again if those people referred other people – down four levels.

The AGLOCO Viewbar

The Viewbar that is installed at the bottom of the browser is back but instead of paying a flat fee per hour, it will give you a share of income the Viewbar earns. In addition, that income may be paid in stocks as well as cash.

Agloco Logo
The Viewbar features privacy protection, spyware protection, phishing protection, member IM and voice communications, RSS feeds, broadcast communication, community tips and other functions.

NOTE: The AGLOCO Viewbar? is currently in limited beta testing and is not yet available for download. We expect that it will start to be available to download in several weeks. It will be released to Members in the order in which Members signed up. No testers are receiving any earnings while using the Viewbar? in this testing phase. For now, we ask you to build the community, because both you and AGLOCO make more if you grow the community.

Member Calculator

AGLOCO gives you a tool to calculate your earning. Let’s start to calculate your earning 😉

Agloco Member Calculator

You have 10 friends to sign up Agloco under your referral, and an assumption that each of those people will sign up five (5) people on average ? and further, we assume each of these people surf an average of five (5) hours a month (all fairly conservative). You will earn $ 9767.5 a month! Sound great 😉

Once you sign up you will be given a user ID. Use this ID to sign up other people. The easiest way to do that is the put the ID into the URL. For example: my ID is BBBF6918.

You can sign up AGLOCO for free here.


in Blogging/Review by is a new online marketplace and will catalog thousands of products and services, both physical products and digital products.

PayDotCom is a place for you to sell your products, software, or services online. Or, a place for you to make extra money selling some great products from PayDotCom marketplace as an affiliate.


Sell your products and services through PayDotCom online marketplace, and let PayDotCom take care of all your affiliate needs. All while getting paid instantly to your PayPal account. You can choose to sell using either PayPal or StormPay.


Promote products in PayDotCom marketplace and earn commissions as a PayDotCom affiliate. PayDotCom members area will allow you to track stats such as clicks, sales, and conversions.


How to Sign up with PayDotCom

Here is a brief overview on how to set up a free PayDotCom account:

  1. Go to and click Sign Up link.
  2. Vendors – to sell your own products. If you have just ONE product to sell, there is NO FEE! You can start selling immediately. For more than one product, there is a one off lifetime fee of $29 – for UNLIMITED PRODUCTS! The product DOESN’T HAVE TO BE A DIGITAL PRODUCT, either! You can collect shipping information at the time your customers pay.
  3. Fees. As a vendor you will not pay any more than $3 in fees. If you have Affiliates selling for you, you split the fee 50/50.
  4. Affiliates. There are no fees to pay as an affiliate. Even when you get paid, PayDotCom takes out the small affiliate fee ()50/50 split with the vendor) prior to the Vendor sending you your sales commission.
  5. Search the Market Place. If you are looking for products to promote, go and Search the Marketplace.
  6. That’s all there is to it.

My Two Cents

Since I , and many Indonesian, can not create ClickBank account, PayDotCom is an alternative affiliate network to ClickBank. I can try what kind ClickBank is using PayDotCom. Hopefully ClickBank give us opportunity for Indonesian to create account 😉

😀 Have a great day and gud lak!

Private Label Articles

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Resale rights works in such a way that when an owner of an article sells one the authority to sell that article to others then keep the profits. Private label rights however goes much further, efficiently granting the “private label rights” buyer to do what he wants with the articles. PLR makes available to you the benefits wherein you have your very own product and without the effort of making it by yourself.

Content is King

Content is the text and images of your website. The text is the most important for searches; search engines like Yahoo and Google seek out keywords and phrases that can only be found in the text content on websites. Everyone is always saying “content is king”, right? Basically what it means is that if you want to get lots of free traffic to your web site from the search engines, then you need lots of content, lots of pages, lots of good stuff to not only interest your visitors, but also to attract the search engines. The more well written pages you have, the better you’ll do income wise. 20 pages is better than 10, 100 is better than 20, 500 is better than 100.

Quality content articles will do the following when applied to your business

  • Give answers and information to customers looking for products,
  • Attract spiders and robots,
  • Increase your page ranks,
  • Gives you the competitive edge over your competition,
  • Shows your expertise in your field,
  • Increases inbound links to your site without the need of reciprocal linking,
  • Directly increases your income via affiliate sales, Google ad programs, and
  • Indirectly increases your income via more traffic, and higher credibility.

How to Boost Your Traffic and Profits with Private Label Articles

Here are several ways that content can help build your traffic, subscribers, and customers starting today:

  1. Boost your search engine ranking and daily visitor count by posting keyword rich articles and content on your web-site.
  2. Generate double or even triple the number of newsletter subscribers you do currently, simply by offering content in the form of “special reports” or manuals as bonuses for subscribing to your publication.
  3. Create an automated cash flow by using content to formulate multi-part email training courses with related web-site or affiliate links “sprinkled” throughout each course. Use an auto responder service to automate the delivery of your training course.
  4. Build a trusting relationship with your subscribers by sending informative articles to your list on a regular basis you will establish yourself as an expert on your topic of business, as well as gain the trust of your subscribers over time.
  5. Another excellent way to generate no cost traffic is by submitting ready-made articles to “content hungry” web-site and newsletter publishers with your “resource box” attached. A resource box is nothing more than a little 3-6 line “bio” about you and/or your web-site – including a link to your site.

How To Alter Private Label Articles

  1. First of all Private Label Content is the culmination of someone else’s ideas and personality. So, start by changing the title. Be creative, make it your own.
  2. Change or totally rewrite the opening paragraph. Look for ways to say the same thing in different ways. Use your Thesaurus or go to to find word alternatives. Set the tone of your article here – and then follow thru with the rest of the article.
  3. Now go thru the entire article. Use the tone you set in the first paragraph and work it into the rest of the article. Add or take out sentences as you see fit. Add new points to expand the article or break a long article into two shorter articles.
  4. Finish up by rewriting the ending. Make sure you entice your reader to do what you want him/her to do here, whether purchasing a product, going to your website, signing up for your newsletter, etc.
  5. Lastly, check for spelling or grammatical errors, make sure your article is keyword enhanced, and make any final changes that might be needed.

With the declining effectiveness of many of the online advertising methods that we’ve relied on in past years, content is only strengthening its position as the ultimate KEY to generating unlimited traffic, subscribers, and customers!

Go there to find out many ways you could begin using private label articles to jumpstart your business today.

Direct Mail Marketing

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Direct Marketing is a form of marketing that attempts to send its messages directly to consumers, using “addressable” media such as mail and email. Therefore, direct marketing differs from regular advertising in that it does not place its messages on a third party medium, or in the public market, such as a billboard or a radio commercial would. Instead, the marketing of the service or commodity is addressed directly to the target customer. Source:

Direct mail permits the marketer to design marketing pieces in many different formats. Some of the common formats, include: catalogs, self-mailers, poly packages, postcards, envelope mailers, snap mailers, dimensional mailers, and intelligent documents.

Advantages of direct mail marketing:

  • Targeting – Historically, the most important aspect of direct mail was its ability to precisely target previous customers. If a suitable list was available, it also did a good job of targeting prospects. However, with the arrival of Email and the use of cookies on websites, organizations could have a dialogue with their customers via the internet far more cheaply and easily.
  • Personalization – Direct mail can address the customer personally and be tailored to their needs based on previous transactions and gathered data.
  • Optimization – Because of its direct accountability, direct mail can be tested to find the best list; the best offer; the best timing (and many other factors). Then the winning tests can be rolled out to a wider audience for optimal results.
  • Accumulation – Responses (and non-responses) can be added to the database, allowing future mailings to be better targeted.

Disadvantages of direct mail marketing:

  • Cost – The cost per thousand will be higher than almost any other form of mass promotion (although the wastage rate may be much lower).
  • Waste – Large quantities of paper are thrown away (see below).
  • Alienation – Some recipients resent direct marketing being “forced” upon them, and boycott companies that do so. Moreover, they may obtain Prohibitory Orders against companies whose direct marketing mail they find offensive.

Here are several direct mail marketing tips to ensure that you get the right message to the right target–in the right way:

  • Give a free gift to increase response
  • Make your offer easy to respond to
  • Hire a professional copywriter for your content
  • Have your direct mail reviewed by an objective third party
  • Keep track of target recipients, replies and follow-up
  • Mail frequently to a smaller subset of your list

You can do direct marketing your self or you can hire a professional, such as Red Clay Media. Red Clay Media provides full-service, integrated direct marketing solutions to businesses of all sizes. They offer targeted and customized mailing lists to all their clients. They recompile their mailing lists and use customer analysis, segmentation and response modeling techniques to ensure higher responses for all your mailing campaigns.

Red Clay Media services such as Mortgage Marketing and Mortgage Lists, Mortgage Leads, Consumer Leads and Consumer Mailing Lists, and Business Lists. Find more information about Red Clay Media.

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