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March 2007

Amazon Releases Context Links Beta

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If you’ve been looking for a new way to monetize your blog or site I’ve got some exciting news for you. (AMZN) has launched the beta of their Context Links for affiliates. According to, “context Links automatically identify and link relevant phrases within your page content to Amazon products, unlocking new ad inventory and saving you the time from having to manually create links.”

Context Links automatically identify and link relevant phrases within your page content to Amazon products, saving you the time when you create manually links to Amazon products.

This service, “Context Links Beta,” works a lot like Kontera and Intellitext in that it dynamically adds advertisements to your content using JavaScript.

Unlike Kontera and IntelliText, though, Amazon Context Links are actually CPA rather than CPC. You earn revenue when someone makes a purchase on after being referred by your site. Amazon Context Links also offers a much greater range of customization options.

Context links are a cool way to monetize your content rich websites (and blogs) using the amazon associates program.

Put up a javascript code before your tag, and the code will do the rest; i.e place links on special keywords like names of authors who’s books are sold on amazon, Brand names who’s products are sold on amazon or the product names themselves; the text will automatically get linked to the product page on amazon. Not only that, you can also add some blin to your blog by selecting the feature where if users hover their mouse over the link, a snap like popup with the product name, image, rating, and price is displayed.

Who Should Use Context Links?

Context Links are for people looking for an easy way to generate money from the content they write. Bloggers, review sites, and people that have archived pages that are currently not monetized are excellent candidates for Context Links.

How do Context Links Work?

After you embed one simple piece of code on your pages, Context Links will identify and link contextually relevant phrases within your content to products. If you enable the preview functionality your site visitors will see a preview of an product relevant to the phrase we selected. Clicking on the link will send your site visitors to the product detail page on, and you will earn referral fees just as you would with any link you hand-picked.

Setting up Context Links for your website is quick and easy. Simply:

  1. Visit Associates Central->Build Links->Context Links
  2. Specify the maximum number of links you’d like on each page
  3. Optionally customize the display of the links with a couple clicks
  4. Copy/paste the generated code into your pages

You Can Customize the Links

Context Links has provided numerous customization options for Context Links allowing you to control:

  • the number of links on each page
  • which portion of the page will be linked
  • which Amazon product categories are linked
  • the matching of exact product names only
  • if preview windows will appear when your site visitors hover over the links, and the style of those windows
  • the options of single underline, dashed underline, and double underline link formats to indicate to your site visitors that they are Context Links

So, if you are member of the Amazon Associate already, log in now to your account and try this new Amazon services. Those who are not yet members, please register Amazon Associate here.

Rick Sessinghaus

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Rick Sessinghaus specializes in increasing people’s performance in their personal, business and athletic careers through speaking, training, and coaching. Rick found Sessinghaus Performance Systems Inc. with the purpose of helping others realize their full potential and live their dreams. Rick got his start helping athletes, chiefly golfers, improve their competitiveness. He soon discovered a demand to use his coaching methods to improve clients’ personal and professional lives, and found their success equal to that of his athletic clients.

Rick has devoted his life to the study of peak performance. As a former professional golfer, Rick has now found more satisfaction helping others achieve their dreams than he did in his own competitive career. Long intrigued by the fact that physical skills were rarely the determining factor in athletic success Rick studied the mental and emotional skills that make or break a performance adding to his Bachelors Degree in Speech Communications, Rick received his Masters and Doctorate Degree in Applied Sports Psychology.

I made Rick’s WordPress theme base on his existing site.

Finally I Have a Credit Card

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Today, I got my credit card from Bank Central Asia (BCA), it open a new big door for me to spend my money, and perhaps earn more money!

Why do I apply a credit card?

I apply it because I want to use it to open new opportunities of online business. Without a credit card, it is hard to do online sell and buy. Yes it is very possible to do online without credit card. You can use debit card to do your online business.

Nowadays, I use debit card come from Accent Card VISA. It is so exciting and I really enjoy it. But I will try to use a credit card. My credit card come from my personal saving account. Having a credit card will make you run your online business easier or make you go bankrupt faster. LOL . I believe you do not want go bankrupt, right?

Why BCA credit card?

With my current salary is over two millions per month. In fact, I had applied for BNI credit card and Citibank credit card , but got rejected. Sound sad! 🙁

I got information how to apply credit card with 99,99% approved. Sound interesting! Therefore, I decided to apply a credit card.

How to Apply This Credit Card?

If you always got rejected when applied credit card. You should try this method just like me. To apply BCA credit card with money guarantee:

  1. Go to nearest BCA branch in your town.
  2. Speak to Customer Service and tell her you want to apply credit card with money guarantee.
  3. You need to save money three millions rupiah (Rp 3.000.000,00) as a credit card guarantee.
  4. You can not take your money but your money will be save on this bank. You still get interest for your money.
  5. Fill credit card application form.
  6. I believe your application would be approved 😉
  7. You can go home and wait 14 – 21 business days.
  8. You will receive your new credit card and use it wisely.

How am I going to use the card?

First of all, I added this credit card info to activate my PayPal account. Then, I can buy online without share my financial information. I will not share my credit card information to untrusted person or another online credit card processing system 😉

Earn money with the card?

This is my main purpose. I apply for this credit card is not to spend money but to earn more money from Internet. I am not going to reveal about my plans. 😉

With the card in hand, I really feel that there is a door to online business opening for me. That’s really great and so exciting!

😀 Have a great day and gud lak!

CouponChief – Online Coupons

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There are milions of people who do their shopping online now instead of having to drive to the store.

If you are one of these people then using online coupon codes from will help save you money on your purchases.

All you need to do is go to the site, find the merchant where you want to shop, click on the coupon and you are automatically redirected to the merchant site and any coupons get applied automatically! No more entering codes! CouponChief has so many merchants from A to Z so you probably will find the one you want!

They have coupons from over 1,000 vendors, including Best Buy, Target, Sears, etc. For Target they have a coupon that will save you 10% off of your purchase, and there is no minimum purchase amount required. It is very easy to use these codes and they will save you money!

Inkjet Cartridge

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Ordering writing supplies online would probably work a lot more efficiently than my current methodology of not restocking until after my printouts and pictures print in all kinds of strange colors…like they’re doing right now, barely recognizable.

From daily usage, the company can consume a couple of toners a day. Sometimes it is difficult to place your order with your suppliers or the vendor – there is just too much documentation to go through before you get your toner.

One thing of course is to place your orders online. I found a site selling inkjet and toner cartridges for your printer, copier, fax and the multifunction machine. A quick glance at the website shows that they do have a huge range of printer products.

Inkers.Biz Has Your Office Or Home Office Toner Cartridge, Inkjet Cartridge, And Fax Cartridge Deeply Discounted.

One advantage in placing an order here is of course you save time in documentation and from just talking to your vendor. Shipping usually takes 2 to 3 days and it is 100% guaranteed against all defects and have a 30 days return policy.

Google Checkout Part of AdSense Referral

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Google today added Checkout to the AdSense referral program, in addition of AdSense, AdWords, Firefox and Google Packs.

It means you as AdSense publisher can now refer your users to Google Checkout through AdSense.

How the the new referral button works?

Well, every time you refer a user to Google Checkout, you make a little money. It’s a simple process that includes all of three steps:

  1. You place the Checkout referral button on your site.
  2. Someone clicks on the button, signs up as a buyer with Google Checkout using a valid U.S. credit card, and completes a purchase of at least $10 before shipping and tax through Checkout within 90 days. (The current $10 minimum purchase corresponds to our existing $10 promotion for new buyers, so this amount may change in the future.)
  3. You earn $1.

Adsense ReferralsIt’s that simple. But please note that Checkout referrals are currently only available for U.S. publishers, and Google Checkout is currently only available for buyers with a U.S. credit card.

Hopefully both Checkout and Checkout Referrals available in more countries soon. 🙂

If you’re not convinced, why not try it out yourself? . It costs nothing to sign up (actually, you’ll even get a $10 bonus) and it’ll make shopping online a little easier.

Source: Referrals, now with Google Checkout

Google Launches Pay Per Action Beta

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Many of adsense publisher already use referrals to direct users to their favorite Google products. Now, with Google Adsense’s new referrals beta, publisher can select products and services from Google base of AdWords advertisers.

This is good news for those of publisher who have wanted to use referrals in the past, but couldn’t find a product to match their site’s content. With the referrals beta, publisher can search for products that match up directly with their site’s content.

Adsense Referral SignupThey can customize their referral units to match the look and feel of their site, making it easier than ever to find a referral ad that fits in seamlessly with their site’s design and content.

What’s more, Google can help make sure publisher find and display the most relevant, best-performing referral ads on their site.

Simply provide a few keywords to describe their site and their users’ interests, and they will see ads automatically displayed that perform best for their site. No more constant updating, rotating products, or guesswork.

As with Adsense’s current Google referrals, publisher will generate earnings when their visitors click through to an advertiser’s site and complete an action defined by their advertisers, such as a sale or sign-up.

Because these actions are often more involved than a simple click or impression, advertisers pay more for these referrals, which can translate into higher earnings for their site.

If you are one of Adsense publisher and interested in being one of Google beta testers, please visit the referrals beta site and sign up.

Source: Now accepting applications for new referrals beta

AuctionAds Launched

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AuctionAds is an another tool for bloggers and other website owners looking for different ways to monetize their site. It provides you with eBay ads to include in your website.

Website publishers create an account, add descriptive tags relevant to their content, and place an embed code on their site. The AuctionAds widget will then show eBay auctions relevant to the tags.

AuctionAds shows non-contextual eBay ads on your site. It is a Cost-Per-Action ad. You are making money when your visitor register at eBay or places a winning bid or purchase using “buy it now”. You do not make money when visitors click on the AuctionAds ad.

It works in pretty much the same way as Google Adsense. You create an AuctionAds account, setup a campaign, decide which format your ads should be displayed in (skyscraper, banner…all that), choose which type of auctions you want to display (keyword specific), edit up some colours to help blending, grab some JavaScript code and finally paste it into your site or blog. Easy! Launches

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Dial up is not dead. Many of us stopped using dial-up sometime ago. Dial-up became something that we were very happy to forget about.

However for 40% of Web surfers dial-up is still an everyday and regular tool that they use. The new service called has just launched. is an ISP, currently only serving the state of California, that offers dial-up access for $3.95 a month. That’s a pretty good deal if you are looking to save money.

For those using broadband, it serves as an excellent back up in case the broadband services goes down.

For a more dollar extra, users can opt for the Accelerated package where downloading times are 3 times faster than the Basic Package.

For both the packages, users will get:

  • Up to five email boxes for family members, with two gigs of storage each –
  • Custom home page with local weather, news and more – powered by Google!
  • Calendar – maintain your personal schedule, includes alerts to your cell phone.
  • Chat – live chat with friends and family.

So if you online most of the time doing virtual assistance work or even just plain surfing around, it is advisable to reduce cost by getting unlimited use of bandwidth via a broadband connection than the slower modem basic connection that charges you by the minute.

LoudLaunch – Compensating bloggers for their unbiased opinions, reviews, and analysis. View the LoudLaunch campaign release this post was based on.

Digital Media Converter

in Article/Internet/Review by offers a Digital Media Converter that makes it very easy for you to convert your video and audio files from file format to another.

You can easily convert the following file formats: VCD, DVD, AVI (DivX, MS MPEG4, uncompressed), MPEG-1, MPEG-2 (PAL, NTSC), MP3, MOV, WMV, WMA, DVR-MS, and WAV.

The Digital Media Converter can also auto detect and fix many types of file format problems during conversion. It can adjust video brightness and contrast and many other things.

You don’t need to be a professional to use Digital Media Converter. The simple three-step process makes it easy: just select the files to batch convert, select the format to convert into, and start the conversion! The program can even be set to automatically shut down the computer when the conversion is finished.

The Digital Media Converter costs $ 39.95 USD but for that cost you will get a lifetime technical support which is pretty neat. You can of course download a free trial version of the software from

The Digital Media Converter only works on a PC that runs a Microsoft Windows operating system but you can still transfer your media files to your Apple iPod, for example.

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